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uma thurman kimdir ? uma thurman biyografi
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uma thurman

Uma is known as the eccentric Mia Wallace in "Pulp Fiction", and as the venomous Poison Ivy in "Batman and Robin". Elegance is a good word to describe Uma, she is one of Hollywood's best dressed leading ladies. She has earned recognition as one of Hollywood's A-list actresses and is one of the sexiest women in the World; she is a gentle quiet sexy, the kind James Bond would love.

She has appeared in over a dozen movies, starting with her role as a virgin in "Dangerous Liaisons". Her acting role in the incredible movie "Pulp Fiction" brought her an Oscar Nomination. Just as easily as she does small art house movies, she does the big blockbuster, and just as soon as she seems to be everywhere, she disappears into obscurity. With her marriage to fellow actor Ethan Hawke and their first child, the Greta Garbo look alike has been given a new found perspective on what is important in life.

This talented and beautiful actress has always kept her producers and fans wondering about which direction she will go in her next film. Uma was raised with the influence of Buddhist beliefs and free thinking, she was born April 29, 1970, in Boston, Massachusetts. Her father, Robert Thurman is a professor at Columbia University and a Tibetan Buddhist monk, her mother, Nena, is a former psychotherapist. Uma was named after a Hindu deity and means "bestower of blessings".

As if her name wasn't different enough, as a child, Uma was awkward and lanky and as you could expect, not the typical all-American child. Uma caught the acting bug at an early age and knew this was what she wanted to do with her life. Uma did not stick around long enough to become a high school graduate, but instead, packed up and headed for New York. While in New York, she was forced to work odd jobs in order to pay the bills, doing such as being a dishwasher and a more glamorous day job as a model. It didn't take long for Uma to trade in her dishwashing gloves for scripts, and the rest is history.

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