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tyrese kimdir ? tyrese biyografi
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Real Name: Tyrese Darnell Gibson
Birthday: 30.12.1978
Birthplace: Watts Quarters, CA, USA
Occupation: Actor/Singer
Sign: Capricorn
Death date: N/A
Death reason: N/A

Multi-talented Tyrese Gibson is a successful model, singer and actor. He grew up in the rough Watts neighborhood of Los Angeles and has been involved with charity projects to help underprivileged kids from similar backgrounds. His debut albums, Tyrese, achieved platinum status, but he is perhaps more known for his toned body than his ...

Sex. That's Tyrese Gibson's selling point and he knows it. "It's about giving the people what they want. So many people have told me that they've made love to my records so what I've delivered this time is an album about sex. Pretty much every song has that theme. Straight no chasers, it's booty music!" he says. Recognizing that from his sensual records to his tones physique which he flashes at every opportunity (including for "Playgirl" magazine), he just oozes sex.

Tyrese - who grew up in the notoriously rough Watts area of Los Angeles - got his first taste of success aged just 14, with a series of wins on local talent shows. But it was being signed up for a Coca Cola commercial which gave him his big break at 16-years-old, and shot him to fame almost over night. On the back of the advertisement, the tall and muscular then-teenager started modeling (he has worked for the likes of Tommy Hilfiger and Guess?) and made his television debut on an episode of the comedy series Hangin' With Mr Cooper. Guest roles in "Martin", "The Parent 'Hood'" and "Sister Sister" followed, as well as a record deal with RCA records.

His self-titled debut album rocketed Tyrese to star status in 1998, achieving platinum status and winning him many (mainly female not surprisingly) fans. With his sophomore release, "2000 Watts", (released in 2001) cementing his status of one of the top male R&B singers of the moment. His follow-up album, "I Wanna Go There" was released in 2002.

Tyrese has also made moves on the big screen, with roles in top movies. He's appeared in "2 Fast 2 Furious" the sequel to "The Fast and the Furious", "Baby Boy" the follow up to John Singleton's hit "Boyz In Da Hood", military action remake "Flight of the Phoenix", hard-edged revenge drama "Four Brothers", and most recently, naval drama "Annapolis".

Speaking about being a black actor in Hollywood, Tyrese has said: A lot of times black actors get stuck in a box. They're up against a lot of limitations for the kind of films that they get approached about. It's easy to get stuck in a box and just be approached about nothing but urban films. Or, if you start out as a comedian, it's easy for you to be approached about nothing but comedies, and comedies with all black casts.

The star uses his fame to give back to the area he grew up in; helping inner-city kids through his The 2000 Watts Foundation. Knowing what it's like to grow up in a underprivileged family, Tyrese also helps out with a number of worthy charities making him the perfect role model for kids growing up.

With his gorgeous looks, stunning body and seductive voice, it's no wonder that Tyrese has countless women falling at his feet. Throw in his caring nature, as seen through his charity work, and they find him even more perfect.

Will Tyrese's magnetism over the female of species end soon? It's unlikely.

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