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toni collette

Born: 1 November 1972
Where: Sydney, Australia
Awards: 1 Golden Globe and 1 Oscar nomination
Height: 5'6"

Filmography: The Complete List

Hot on the heels of Nicole Kidman and Cate Blanchett came another Australian thespian sensation, Toni Collette. Despite (or maybe because of) the fact that she does not share the extraordinary good looks of her glamorous peers - the term "jolie-laide" might have been invented for her - she is perhaps the most fascinating of today's top-line actresses. Onscreen she's absolutely magnetic, consistently compelling in a wild variety of roles, her emotional intelligence shining through even in brief supporting roles. She can so very human - funny, warm, decadent, hurt, sympathetic, neurotic - and consequently so very attractive. Unafraid to send herself up, to appear genuinely drab, dumb or even ugly, she is clearly one of us - a proper people's princess.

Toni Collette was born on the 1st of November, 1972, in western Sydney, Australia. Her father, Bob, was a truck driver, while mother Judy worked for a courier service as a customer service rep. The family would be completed by two younger brothers.

When Toni was 6, the Collettes moved out to the suburbs, where she found herself mercilessly teased for being a "westie". But she fell quickly into suburban life. The family kept cats, dogs, birds and rabbits and Toni, hanging with her brothers and very much a tom-boy, would climb trees, ride her bike, play basketball, basically lived an energetic Australian life. Aside from being a tom-boy, she's also admitted to being something of a liar. At one point, when she was very young, her mother told her that, when she (her mother) was 11, she'd had her appendix taken out. How did you know you had appendicitis, asked young Toni? Well, said mum, you know when the doctor pushes in and it doesn't hurt, but when he lets go it REALLY hurts. So, several years pass, Toni is 11, and she doesn't feel like going to school. She remembers this story and tells her mother she has pain. Off to the doctor's they go, he pushes in and Toni says nothing, he lets go and she yelps. She is rushed to ER, and has her appendix removed FOR NO GOOD REASON. Afterwards, the doctor said it was slightly infected. But then he HAD to, really, didn't he?

There was another little lie she would tell, too. Claiming she was having her period, she picked off a scab on her leg and... you get the picture.

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