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thora birch kimdir ? thora birch biyografi
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thora birch

Thora was named after the mythical god of thunder and lightning. She is a California native and was born March 11,1982, in Los Angeles. She started her acting career as a toddler when she auditioned and successfully landed parts in advertisements and TV commercials for Quaker Oats and Vlasic Pickles.

Thora now lives in her own home in southern California, but is rarely home since she is constantly either filming or promoting her new films. Thora enjoys many interesting activities, all of the outdoor type; tree and mountain climbing, dirt biking, roller skating, kayaking, rock collecting, diving, and canoeing. Thora also does her own stunt work to the dismay of many a director.

Her acting career really started to take off when she was cast as Molly in the short lived television series Day By Day. She continued in an important role as Molly in the children's movie "Purple People Eater" which won Thora the Youth In Film Award for her performance in the film.

Thora was cast in her first, real breakthrough role, when she played Billie Pike in the movie"Paradise", along side with Don Johnson, Melanie Griffith and Elijah Wood. Thora won this role after the director, Mary Agnes Donoghue, interviewed over 4,000 other young hopeful actors. Her successful portrayal of a young tomboy has landed Thora parts in many other movies including "All I Want for Christmas", "Hocus Pocus" and the big budget film "Patriot Games".

After taking somewhat of a break from acting, Thora returned to the screen in 1999, playing an excellent role in the made-for-TV movie "Night Ride Home". Thora also played Jane Burnham in the Oscar winning "American Beauty", and recently starred as Empress Savina in "Dungeons & Dragons".

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