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the verve kimdir ? the verve biyografi
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the verve

If, in the late 90's you spotted a somewhat gangly man in leather jacket and jeans walking down your high street, bumping into passers by with no regard for his fellow man while mumbling "It's a bittersweet symphony. That's life mate." Then it was probably The Verve's Richard Ashcroft, busy filming the iconic vid to the band's baroque masterpiece, Bittersweet Symphony. The track and resulting album, Urban Hymns, established the band as the premier British rock act in 1997, knocking Oasis off their perch (with that year's turgid, overblown 'Be Here Now 'album). Like Oasis, the Verve had been nurtured by great music and social security. They had a cocky swagger that led them (and critics) to call them immortal before they'd even released a record. The Verve thought big. They came from the gutter but were reaching for the stars and for a moment, back in 1997, they achieved their dreams and then all too soon split up.

The band's lineup was originally Richard Ashcroft (vocals, guitar), Nick McCabe (guitar), Simon Jones (bass) and Peter Salisbury (drums). Richard, Simon and Pete had gone to school together in Wigan while Nick was recruited from local Winstanley college. The band signed to Hut Recordings in September 1991 and were described as "the liquid essence of rock and roll," by various critics. Their first three singles in 1992 - All In The Mind, She's A Superstar and Gravity Grave - all reached the top of the indie charts. Their early live shows already bore traces of their insurmountable egos and cocksure arrogance. They would stop gigs halfway through if they felt things weren't going right.

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