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the stranglers kimdir ? the stranglers biyografi
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the stranglers

Years of playing and gigging, separately, and as a band, meant that The Stranglers were always more musically competent than their ramshackle, punkier counterparts. However, what they lacked in punk credentials (they knew more than three chords after all) they made up for in vitriol, aggression and sleazy swagger.

The group were formed in 1974 as The Guildford Stranglers, by the unlikely punk combination of ex-Science teacher Hugh Cornwell, history graduate Jean-Jacques Burnel and jazz drummer Jet Black. Augmented by keyboardist Dave Greenfield, they began gigging around the pub-rock circuit, playing a Doors-meets-Dr. Feelgood brand of retro rock. Late in 1976 the group were singed to United Artists and lumped in with the emerging punk/new wave scene. Their debut single, Get A Grip On Yourself saw the band at their sneering best, with Hugh Cornwell's trademark vocal growl, Burnel's ominious bass and Greenfield's churning organ pretty much laying the template for their sound. Controversial follow-up single Peaches, with its references to sun, oil, puny skin and beach babes, hit the UK Top 10 and brought the band into conflict with the nation's feminists and earned them a ban from the BBC. The surrounding controversy helped to propel their debut album, Stranglers IV - Rattus Norvegicus, into the UK Top 5 in 1977. While not a classic, the short, blistering attacks of the album's singles, Hanging Around and the vitriolic Something Better Change ensured that the album was a decent chunk of art-punk.

With their fanbase firmly established the band further enhanced their reputation with a series of vicious singles including the vaguely political Something Better Change and perhaps their finest hour, No More Heroes. Both singles reached the UK Top 10 in 1977. The album, No More Heroes, narrowly missed out on a No.1 spot but a live gig that year, Bring On The Nubiles, at Battersea Park which featured strippers, caused further outrage among feminists and the band were tarred as sexist yobs.

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