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the red hot chili reppers kimdir ? the red hot chili reppers biyografi
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the red hot chili reppers

The Chilis may be Godfathers of the LA punk scene but no band in history has been so overshadowed by their own genitals. Appearing on stage naked, wearing only socks on their cocks ensured that, if nothing else, the Chilis were never going to be unnoticed. But thankfully the band's music was also something to behold, welding LA thrash punk with a skewed but addictive sense of funk. Their tale is one of classic rock and roll. They've overcome drug related deaths, burning crack dens, tattoos, 80's poodle haired rock and dressing up as giant lightbulbs to play the music they love.

The early lineup of bassist Flea (Michael Balzary), drummer Jack Irons, guitarist Hillel Slovack and lead singer Antony Kiedis first met at LA's Fairfax High School where they began making music together as Anthem School. Years later, in 1984, the band reunited as the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Word of their live gigs and their tube-socked-cocks gimmick spread quickly in LA clubs, resulting in a record deal with EMI. But Slovak and Irons left before recording the recording of their eponymously titled debut album, a lacklustre affair memorable only for the warped funk of True Men Don't Kill Coyotes.

By 1985 Slovak and Irons had returned to the fold ready for the band's second album, Freakey Styley, produced, appropriately enough by Parliament's P-Funk maestro George Clinton. It was a more accomplished outing with party driven groove-funk the order of the day although it still lacked the fire of their live appearances. Their reputation as non-PC party animals was cemented with their third album, 1987's The Uplift Mofo Party Plan which featured such endearing titles as Party On Your Pussy. Dodgy song titles aside, the album was the group's first to trouble the charts and they followed it up a year later with the stop-gap EP, The Abbey Road EP in 1988. But just as the world was warming to the wacky world of the Chilis, tragedy struck when Hilllel Slovak died from a heroin overdose on June 25, 1988.
In the wake of Slovak's death, Irons left the group for the second and final time, while Kiedis (who was also battling drug addiction at the time) and Flea decided to soldier on eventually recruiting replacements in newcomers, guitarist John Frusciante and drummer Chad Smith. The new look lineup hit paydrit straight away with their next album, 1989's Mother's Milk which became a hit due to regular MTV play of their videos - a cover of Stevie Wonder's Higher Ground and a song about Slovak, Knock Me Down.

Now on the verge of major success, the group knew that their next release would be the most important of their career, so they moved into a mansion-turned-recording studio with Def Jam producer Rick Rubin to work on what would become their most successful release yet, the stripped down and more mellow Blood Sugar Sex Magik (their first for the Warner Bros label). The album became a massive hit upon its September 1991 release selling 7m copies in the US. It spawned the hit Give It Away and the album's defining song, the heroin ballad, Under the Bridge.

The band was, by now becoming a tight musical unit. Rick Rubin would say a few years later: "From a musicianship standpoint, the Chilis are untouchable." And U2's Bono once commented: "We have a great sound but we're nowhere near as good a band as the Chili Peppers."

But in 1991, not all was well in the Chilis camp. Like his predecessor, Frusciante had become addicted to hard drugs and abruptly left the band mid-tour in early 1992. Undeterred, the band enlisted new member Arik Marshall, and headlined Lollapalooza II in the summer. When it became clear that Marshall didn't fit in the band went through a succession of guitarists before finally settling on Dave Navarro, formerly of Jane's Addiction. While the album was a sizeable hit, it failed to match the success and musical focus of its predecessor. Navarro who wasn't fitting in as well as originally hoped, left the band in early 1998.

After Frusciante had left the group, he released a pair of obscure solo releases but rumours were circulating that the guitarist was homeless, penniless, and sickly with a death-defying drug habit. After checking himself into rehab and putting his demons behind him, Frusciante emerged re-energized, and accepted an invitation to rejoin the Peppers.

The group's reunion album, 1999's Californication, proved to be a massive success. With the hit singles Scar Tissue and the title track, the band displayed a maturer approach to songwriting, reconfirming the Chili Peppers as one of alternative rock's top bands. The album sold 15m copies worldwide. "It's the best album we ever made," Flea told Mojo magazine.
The success of Californication gave the band lots of ideas for the 2001 follow up, By The Way. The album was by far the most rounded of all the band's releases, With hit singles Universally Speaking and the title track, the album featured horns, synths, strings, intricate chord changes, harmonies and a range of textures from bubblegum pop to mariachi band and nods to The Beach Boys and The Beatles.

The band, in various lineups, have now been together for 21 years and have come a long way from the days of whipping out their apendages on stage.

"Back then we really didn't care," says Flea. "But over the years we've gotten better in public. We've learned from our mistakes and held onto the things that are good. There aren't a lot of bands who have done that."

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