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the pixies kimdir ? the pixies biyografi
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the pixies

On paper, The Pixies should never have worked as a going musical concern. They weren't accomplished musicians. Frontman Black Francis wailed and thrashed at the chords, and then there were the songs - freakish, squalling things with weird flamenco tinged influences and lyrics that seemed to be about village idiots and er, rural incest. But while the meaning of the UFO obsessed Francis' bizarre lyrics may have been impenetrable, the music was visceral and highly effective.

The Pixies would become the flagship band for '90s alt rock arriving at a time when REM were moving off into the mainstream. Their signature stop-start dymanics and lurching guitar solos would form the blueprint for Nirvana's grunge domination in later years.

The Pixies were formed in 1986 by LA born Black Francis (real name, deep breath, Charles Michael Kitridge Thomspon IV) along with guitarist Joey Santiago. The eccentric Francis, a born again Christian at 17, had just returned from Puerto Rico where he'd been studying Spanish. The pair placed a newspaper ad requesting musicians with a love of Husker Du and Peter, Paul and Mary. The only taker was Kim Deal, who subsequently brought in drummer David Lovering. The band started making waves on the local Boston music scene and were soon signed to indie label 4AD together with fello Bostonians Throwing Muses.

The Pixies stuck out immediately,their savage punk sound at odds with the wistful indie abounding at the time. Their mini album debut in 1987, Come On Pilgrim, was a bizarre hybrid of manic vocals, (often sung in Spanish), searing melodic noise and neo-latin rhythms. But it wasn't until the release of their their full-length debut, 1988's Surfer Rosa that the band were hailed as indie saviours. It was a primitive, gloriously abrasive sound - like David Lynch's Eraserhead flick set to music. Francis howled compellingly through Where Is My Mind and Something Against You while Deal was equally compelling on the breathily sung Gigantic.

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