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the libertines kimdir ? the libertines biyografi
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the libertines

Two years ago, with the release of their debut album, Up The Bracket, The Libertines were Britain's most touted rock and roll band. With a deadpan delivery and charity shop chic, singer Pete Doherty championed English culture. The band's singular music drew comparisons to quintessentially English acts like The Kinks, The Jam and Blur. 2002's Up The Bracket album was hailed as a masterpiece by the critics, combining effervescent garage punk with a music hall swagger. Two years later, at the time of writing, the band are in turmoil, torn apart by Doherty's heroin addiction. Earlier this year Doherty broke into bandmate Carl Barat's flat to steal items to sell for his drug habit. Ironically, Doherty, who for now has been sacked from the band, once told Q magazine: "The more you read and the more you teach yourself, the less you rely on something like drugs to take you to a better place."

Doherty and Barat started the band back in 1996. Doherty was born in Liverpool but the family later moved to London. Doherty first spotted Barat at a local Liverpool gig but the pair soon moved to East London where they shared digs. The pair began writing songs together and playing acoustic gigs in London pubs. Friends, bassists and drummers all drifted through the band until they were joined in 2001 by the current lineup of bassist John Hassall and drummer Gary Powell.

After securing a deal with Rough Trade Records, The Libertines were hailed as one of the best new bands of 2002, constantly feted by the NME and indie music commentators. Former Suede guitarist Bernard Butler signed on to produce the band's debut single What A Waster - three minutes of peculiarly suburban punk that reached No.27 in the charts despite a ban-baiting flurry of swear words. Naturally, it was NME single of the week.

Doherty's deadpan cockney delivery and the band's expertly shambolic mish-mash of punk revisionism, garage rock and pub-brawling swagger, soon drew in even more fans, including former Clash guitarist Mick Jones who was brought in to produce the band's debut album. "I think they're the most important band in Britain today," said Jones.

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