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the kinks kimdir ? the kinks biyografi
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the kinks

Passionate, incisive but also often unfashionable, The Kinks, frontman Ray Davies, was the grumpy old man of rock, often retiring to his garden shed to potter with a tune, ignoring the dictates of fashion and musical styles. Just as the rest of rock's hierarchy were sticking flowers in their hair and heading to San Franscisco, The Kinks were recording wistful, nostalgic tunes about bygone, village green preservation societies. But with hits such as the scuzz-rock of You Really Got Me and the wry Sunny Afternoon and Waterloo Sunset, the Kinks became the arch British pop band, incorporating elements of music hall, country, folk and blues and acknowledged by the likes of Blur and Jarvis Cocker as the godfathers of Britpop.

The Kinks were formed by brothers Ray and Dave Davies in their hometown of Muswell Hill, North London. The brothers began playing skiffle and rock and roll, recruiting Peter Quaife to play bass with them. By the summer of 1963, as The Ravens, they'd recruited drummer Mickey Willet. Eventually their demo tape reached American record producer Shel Talmy who helped the band land a contract with Pye Records in 1964. Before signing, the group replaced drummer Willet with Mick Avory and, courtesy of Quaife, renamed themselves The Kinks. After two failed singles on Pye (including a cover of Little Richard's Long Tall Sally), the group's third single, You Really Got Me, stormed to the top of the UK charts. Written by Ray and Dave in their parents' front room, the song has since been cited as the inspiration for garage rock, punk, heavy metal and The Who. Phew! An album, The Kinks, a hastily assembled mix of Ray Davies tunes and R&B standards, was rush released and was swiftly followed by a second Top 10 single, All Day and All Of the Night.

Between 1965-1967, The Kinks enjoyed their commercial peak, scoring nine British and seven US hits. 1965's Tired Of Waiting For You displayed Ray's world weary vocal style while Dave came up with a then innovatory Indian style drone guitar on See My Friends. As Ray's songwriting developed, he emerged as a witty, compassionate social commentator, chronicling the little absurdities and aspirations of English life. He took stabs at fashion victims with Dedicated Follower Of Fashion and his fellow nouveau rich pop star peers on Sunny Afternoon and even created a hymn to the Thames on Waterloo Sunset.

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