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the corrs kimdir ? the corrs biyografi
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the corrs

Sibling quartet The Corrs may be Ireland's biggest export since cardiganed crooner Daniel O' Donnell, having sold 40m albums worldwide and topped the charts in 18 countries but spare a thought for hapless Geordie poppet/TV presenter who once asked the band during an MTV interview: "So, how did you all meet?"

The Corrs have earned their massive success on the back of a smart, palatable blend of Celtic folk and sunny pop beats. Their image is chic, cosmopolitan and sophisticated but with just enough of the Emerald blarney to appear authentic - Pop's very own version of The Riverdance. Baby sister and lead singer, 30-year-old Andrea has been voted the sexiest woman in the world (Robbie Williams courted her by sending her 100 roses and asking "What can I do to make you love me?") Bono, Prince Charles and even his Holiness The Pope have been known to sing the band's praises. Well, in the Pope's case, mumble as he nods off during another Vatican sermon.

It was eldest sibling, 39-year-old Jim who originally decided to form the band. The guitarist was already working as a professional musician when he persuaded his sisters Andrea, Sharon, (violins) 34, Caroline, drums (31) and Andrea to accompany him to an audition for Alan Parker's film of Roddy Doyle's book The Commitments in 1990. They all landed small parts in the flick and the film's musical cordinator John Hughes was so impressed he decided to manage them. He would later help develop their sound and land them a major record deal with Warners in 1994. Prior to the film the siblings weren't a musical ensemble although they were all influenced by music growing up in Dundalk (in the North of the Republic, close to the border with Northern Ireland.) Daddy Corr Gerry was an electrician by day but sang semi-professionally at night in a duo called Sound Affair with mummy Corr Jean. All the children were taught piano. "We couldn't have been brought up in a better environment to pursue a career in music," says Jim.

"Most musicians meet other band members in school or college or a rehearsal room," says Andrea. "I met mine at the breakfast table and the queue to the toilet. I never actually made a decision to do this but it's not like I was dragged into it. In a way, it was decided for me because music was everything to me. We had to shed some of the family stuff in order to breathe and be creative together."

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