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the bees gees

Often decried as purveyors of cheesy pop and later in the 70's, naff, glitterball disco, the Bee Gees - Barry, Maurice and Robin Gibb, were far more talented than they were given credit for. But the overriding image of hair, gleaming dentures and medallions remains, largely due to late DJ Kenny Everett's caricature of the brothers on his TV show. But Shaun Ryder and Noel Gallagher are fans and Ryder says: "If you think Staying Alive is cheesy, just listen to the lyrics. They're hardcore man!" Er, quite!

Quite simply the Bee Gees are one of the five biggest groups in pop history and THE most successful sibling act in the history of pop. Yes, even bigger than Oasis! In their 42 years together they have released 28 albums, selling more than 110m copies. Like the Gallaghers, the Brothers Gibb grew up in Manchester where, after skirmishes with the police and general tearaway stuff, the family emigrated to Australia in 1958 where their father Hugh thought a new start would help tame his scally sons. The music- loving brothers soon formed a harmony trio and started playing gigs in Brisbane. They were soon signed to the Australian label Festival Records and released a series of singles. While their single Spicks And Specks was topping the Australian charts, the brothers were already on their way to London for an audition with music impressario Robert Stigwood who would come to exert great influence on their career. This led to a contract with Polydor Records and the release of the brothers' first UK single, New York Mining Disaster, 1941. The single's evocative, intriguing lyrics and close harmonies gave the Bee Gees a UK hit. Their follow up single, the stark, beautiful To Love Somebody failed to reach the Top 40 but would become one of the Bee Gees most covered songs - Recorded by Nina Simone, Janis Joplin and The Animals.
The assured songs on their debut album, 1967%u2019s The Bee Gees First, drew comparisons with the Beatles, made even more remarkable by the fact that boys were not even out of their teens. By October 1967 the Bee Gees had scored their first UK No.1 with Massachusetts which also showcased their skills as arrangers. Trying to catch the psychedelic zeitgeist trail blazed by The Beatles and The Stones, the brothers%u2019 next album, Odessa, was out of kilter with their passion for close harmonies and pure pop. However chart success was again round the corner with the release of the UK No.1 ballad I've Gotta Get A Message To You, a song about the last hours of a condemned prisoner. The Bee Gees would end the 60's as one of the most accomplished acts in pop but fame and success led to bickering and external pressures. Maurice Gibb married pop star Lulu and the boys became subsumed in the whirl of celebrity. Dissent saw Robin Gibb embark on a solo career with little success.

After reuniting with Robin Gibb in late 1970 the band went on to have two major hits with Lonely Days and the US No.1, How Can You Mend A Broken Heart. But by 1973 the band's appeal had shrunk to an all time low and even saw them playing cabaret at the Batley Variety club in Yorkshire! They soon switched from Polydor Records to Robert Stigwood's new label, RSO for a more American sound with the album, Life In A Tin Can.

Stigwood teamed them up with famed Muscle Shoals R&B producer Arif Mardin and a noticeable R&B and soul influence began to exert itself on the brothers%u2019 work, most noticeably on the 1975 album. Mr. Natural. The Gibbs had now relocated to Miami to work with Mardin and had begun to soak up the souflful style of the dance-obssessed city. 1975 single Jive Talkin shot to the top of the US charts and gave them a Top 10 hit in Britain. The resulting album, 1975's Main Course, was also a transatlantic hit. The Bee Gees had managed to reinvent themselves with a more soulful sound and the falsetto vocals that would now become their trademark. Their next flurry of singles were perfectly placed to take advantage of the burgeoning dance scene in America. Nights On Broadway would become a hit for Candi Staton while follow up single, You Should Be Dancing was a dancefloor favourite. The resulting album, Children Of The World quickly went Platinum.

The trio's new-found fame as kings of the disco was consolidated in spectacular fashion with the soundtrack to the 1977 film Saturday Night Fever starring John Travolta. The album sold over 30m copies and remains the best selling soundtrack album to date. In the US the band achieved a run of three No.1 singles with How Deep Is Your Love, Stayin' Alive and Night Fever while the Gibb penned tunes If I Can't Have You and More Than A Woman were also hits for Yvonne Elliman and Tavares respectively. They were now officially, Lords of the dance. A further collaboration on the Robert Stigwood produced flick Grease, gave Franki Valli a US No.1 with the Gibb penned title track.
But 1978's Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club band, a film and album of the same name, provided a career blip. The film, co-starring the Gibbs with Peter Frampton, was poorly received by critics but 1979's Spirits Having Flow album restored the group to the top of the charts with a further three chart topping US singles - Too Much Heaven, Tragedy and Love You Inside Out. However, the band were now involved in a multi-million pound lawsuit with Stigwood. As the matter was settled out of court, the brothers contributed to another film soundtrack, Stayin' Alive, but also turned their attentions to individual production and songwriting work. Barry would achieve the greatest solo success, duetting with Barbra Streisand on the chart topping Guilty and penning the hits Heartbreaker for Dionne Warwick and Islands In The Stream for Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton. In the mid 80s Barry also penned Diana Ross' comeback single, the chart topping, Motown referencing, Chain Reaction.

The band eventually reunited in 1987 for their hugely successful comeback album, ESP, scoring a No.1 single with You Win Again, which gave the band their fifth UK No.1 and proved to the critics their inexhaustible knack for reinventing themselves. But tragedy hit the following year when their younger brother Andy died of a drugs overdose. As a mark of respect they declined to attend an Ivor Novello Awards ceremony where they were honoured for Outstanding Contribution to British Music.

They were again recognised for their achievements at the 1997 Brit Awards with an Outstanding Contribution gong. That year's Still Waters album proved a commercial sucess while in 2000, they returned with This Is Where I Came In, an album and biographical video of the same name. They were rewarded with CBE's in 2002's New Year's Honours List but at the start of 2003 they were again hit by tragedy when Maurice Gibb died. He suffered a heart attack during emergency surgery for an intestinal blockage. He was just 53 years of age. Barry and Robin subsequently announced they would cease to perform as the Bee Gees but to this day, medallions and gleaming teeth aside, the Bee Gees work presents one of the richest in the history of popular music.

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