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the beatles kimdir ? the beatles biyografi
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the beatles

I wouldn't have believed at the time that 40 years later I'd still be talking about the phenomenon of The Beatles," said producer George Martin recently.

Measured on purely commercial success and popularity then The Beatles are the greatest pop stars of the 20th century. The changes in the music industry wrought by their success - from recording techniques to marketing and songwriting- means their impact will probably remain unsurpassed. From 1962 until 1970 when they split, The Beatles changed the face of popular music. With 17 No.1 hits, their musical development was as rapid as it was innovative - from the pure Merseybeat pop of I Wanna Hold Your Hand to psychedelic mantras of Strawberry Fields Forever and Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds.

The Beatles evolved from the Quarrymen, the band John Lennon (born 9 October, 1940) formed at Quarry Bank school in 1956. Lennon was obsessed with the rock and roll bands of the era - Buddy Holly, Gene Vincent and Elvis Presley. Paul McCartney, (born 18 June, 1942) who had impressed Lennon with his musical knowledge and already burgeoning songwriting skills joined the band in 1957 and the pair immediately started writing together. Within a year, two more musicians had been brought in, the 15-year-old guitarist George Harrison (b. 25 February 1943, Liverpool, England, d. 29 November 2001, Los Angeles, California, USA) and an art school friend of Lennon's, Stuart Sutcliffe (b. 23 June 1940, Edinburgh, Scotland, d. 10 April 1962, Hamburg, Germany). The band underwent several names -Jonny and the Moondogs and the Silver Beetles - before becoming The Beatles. Without a Pop Idol style reality TV show to enter, the band cut their teeth with a six month stint in Hamburg, playing lengthy sets each day. Together with Pete Best who had joined as a drummer, the band turned themselves into a tightly knit, professional group.

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