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television kimdir ? television biyografi
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If punk was as much about stripping away any semblance of melody as it was about iconoclasm, then New York rockers Television were the archetypal post-punk nihilists. The band threw away traditional rock structures and reinvented a raw, energetic brand of improvisational garage rock that would go on to influence guitar bands such as Talking Heads, Echo & The Bunnymen and U2 - their reputation far outstripping any commercial impact.

Television began life in the early '70s as the Neon Boys, a group featuring guitarist/vocalist Tom Verlaine, drummer Billy Ficca, and bassist Richard Hell. At the end of 1973, the group reunited under the name Television, adding rhythm guitarist Richard Lloyd. The following year the band made its live debut at New York's Townhouse Theatre and began to build up an underground fanbase. Hell's spiky hair and safety-pin ripped clothing look would eventually be used by Malcolm McLaren for The Sex Pistols and The Townhouse would become an important venue for emerging punk bands. After the group recorded an unsuccessful demo tape for Island Records in 1975, Richard Hell left the band, going on to form Richard Hell & The Voidoids. Hell was replaced by ex-MC5 and Blondie bassist Fred 'Sonic' Smith and Television recorded a one-off single, Little Johnny Jewel on a small, independent label. The single became an underground hit, attracting the attention of major labels and the band eventually signed with Elektra Records in 1976.

Television unleashed their seminal debut album, Marquee Moon, in 1977. Virtually ignored in America, British punk fans helped to push the album into the UK Top 30, on the back of the single Prove It. Comprised entirely of tense, spiralling garage rockers, Marquee Moon became a trailblazer - Tom Verlaine's tortured vocals melded with Richard Lloyd%u2019s, hypnotic, driving guitar, in turn influenced by a bastard hybrid of the Velvet Underground and The Rolling Stones. The band's incendiary histrionics distinguished them from the more wilfully amateurish punk pack and Television were soon acknowledged as the most musically adept of the new wave acts. The hypnotic, 10 minute title track showcased the driving, free-form guitar interplay between Verlaine and Richard Lloyd. With cult status instantly assured, the band embarked on a tour with Blondie in 1977 to showcase the album.

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