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tatu t.a.t.u


I, Julia Volkova, and I, Elena Katina, admit, that being under drinking age, we have been persuaded to take part in the girl-band called Tattoo by bands future producer Ivan Shapovalov.

As far as we know, before this band was made, Ivan Shapovalov never had anything to do with music business. He used to make TV commercials and do all kinds of advertising activities.

We (Elena and Julia) used to sing together in a kids-band called Neposedi, and I, Julia Volkova, was asked to leave the band for misbehaving and molesting other band members.

We (Elena and Julia) met again during audition at MOSFILM studios, when Ivan Shapovalov was looking for girls for his new band. Hes chosen us and we were happy because he promised to make us huge stars.
He made us to sign contracts with him, and according to these contracts we didnt have any rights to even speak. We just had to do whatever he was telling us to. For example, for Ya Soshla S Uma video shoot, I, Lena Katina, had to lose almost 10 kilos, and I, Julia Volkova, had to cut my hair really short and dye it black. And for the next video shoot Shapovalov made us both shave our eyebrows!

However, we admit, that for us to sign a contract with I.Shapovalov was an act of free will. We always wanted to sing together, and now our dream came true. During a past year we became so close, then now feel something more than just friendship towards each other.

Agree with all said above

Julia Volkova Lena Katina


On May 16th, 2001, Universal Music Russia signed a band, that critics, music journalists and record companies call the most outrageous and scandalous thing to ever happen to Russian show-biz.

Who are Tattoo? Julia and Lena, 2 girls, one is 15 and the other one is 16 years old. Both of them got into this project by accident, and instantly became national heroes.

November 2000. Tattoo, an unknown act, brought their first-ever video to MTV Russia. Despite (or, maybe, thanks to) its controversial character, MTV were brave enough to put it on air, and Tattoo took Russia by storm.

Ya Soshla S Uma (Ive Lost My Mind), their first self-released single, is a song describing turmoil in a girls soul. She is in love with another girl, she does not understand what is going on, she is both scared and happy, and everyone around her refuses to even try to understand her.

Although there is a number of acts trying to reflect loneliness and angst of a teenage soul, Tattoo sing and perform with such sincerity that immediately compels kids.

Ya Soshla S Uma has had an incredibly long shelf-life for a debut single. The video was in MTV Russias Top 10 playlist for 2 months, for 3 months was in Top 5 most requested videos chart, and is still on air.

The audience was first shocked to see two girls kissing in the video, and after they came to their senses, everyone realized there is much more than lesbian appeal behind this track. Its the lyrics, the music, and, most importantly, the message the girls deliver.

This track did to the act what usually is achieved by staying at the scene for years. Tattoo have very established fan base, and are well-known by everyone else. Everything they do immediately creates media buzz.

While kids were going crazy about Julia and Lena, the Tattoo girls, Universal Music Russia were negotiating a record deal with their manager. We felt that such act as Tattoo has enormous potential not only for the local market, but for the world.

The second video, released simultaneously with the album, is called Nas Ne Dogoniat (Theyre Not Gonna Get Us), and its proving Tattoo is not a one-hit wonder. After one week of hot rotation on MTV Russia it went straight to #1 in MTV Russian Top 10 (weekly chart show with only Russian videos competing with each other) and #7 in MTV Top 20 (leaving behind Jennifer Lopez, Eminem and Backstreet Boys!!!). Single is receiving major success at radios as well, A listed on 1st National Radio Russian Radio (Russian music only) and 7 other national radios.

An autograph signing, organized on the day of the album release, brought more than 3 000 kids to one of Moscows entertainment centers and even caused some concern among police officers around the area. Girls spent 3 full hours giving autographs and were so tired at the end, that apologized and left, leaving a huge crowd screaming their names, behind.

Universal Music Russia proudly presents TATTOO and their debut album 200 Po Vstrechnoi (200 Miles An Hour In A Wrong Lane).

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