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tanya boyd

Tanya Boyd portrays the spiritually enlightened Celeste Perrault on Days of Our Lives.

While growing up in Detroit, Michigan, Boyd became aware at an early age that if she wanted t succeed, she would have to be her own motivating force. "I knew at seven years old that I wanted to be an actor," she admits, there was no doubt in my mind. As time passed, she heard of the renowned Lee Strasberg Institute and headed for New York City. After several years of living in New York and receiving solid training, she came to Los Angeles, ready to pursue her dreams.

Her acting career was interrupted a few times along the way. Having been blessed with remarkable musical abilities, Boyd was offered exciting opportunities to perform on tour and travel the world as a back-up vocalist with such well-know artists as Anita Baker, Lou Rawls, Bobby Lyle and Natalie Cole. Boyd soon realized that her passion for acting was overwhelming and returned to Los Angeles.

Boyd, whose first love is the theater, starred in Cotton, Jellys Last Jam and the award-winning No Place To Be Somebody. In 1993, she received a Drama-Logue Critics Award for Best Performance in the world premier of Indigo Blues. In 1994, Boyd was cast as Celeste on Days of our Lives.

In 1993 and 1994, Boyd directed two summer festival Main Stage productions at the Mojo Theater Ensemble Company in Los Angeles. Additionally, she directed a comedy entitled The Mojo Man for the NAACP Playwrights Competition. The play won first-runner up. Boyd directed the critically-acclaimed play entitled For You, based on the life of the late Greg Morris who played the memorable Barney Collier in the 1970s hit Mission Impossible.

Currently, Boyd is on the road to making another dream come true: to become a film and TV director. Her short film The gift marks her entry into the feature film arena. I find the technical aspects and fast pace of directing fascinating, She admits. Boyd is often asked which she prefers: acting, singing, or directing? All of the above, she replies, one just enhances the other.

Boyd celebrates her birthday on March 20th.

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