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"We are young, we are free, keep our teeth nice and clean..." Oxfordshire trio Supegrass began their careers in 1994 but it was their 1995 hit Alright with its blueprint for youthful hedonism and perfect denture care that catapulted them to stardom.

As their fine debut album I Should Coco proved, their musical roots lie in the infectious punk-pop of The Buzzcocks and traditional laddish Brit pop of the Kinks and the Small Faces. But really it was their eclectic tastes, mixing music hall rhythms, 60's and 70's pop and vitriolic guitar riffs into the melting pot that set them apart from their Brit pop contemporaries.

The band were originally formed at school in Oxford in 1991 by a short trousered, hairy sideburned singer Gaz Coombes and his mate, drummer Danny Goffey. After releasing one EP on Nude Records, the pair recruited bassist Mickey Quinn to form Supergrass. Their raucous debut single, Caught By The Fuzz, a tale recounting the teenage trauma of being arrested for cannabis, was released in 1994. The track was re-released after the band were signed to Parlophone later that year. Their follow up, Mansize Rooster made the Top 20. Two more singles followed in quick succession, Lose It and Lenny which would become the band's first Top 10 hit. The band's debut album, I Should Coco debuted at No.1 when it was released later that year, But it was the single Alright with the Raleigh Chopper riding exploits of the video which helped crystallise Supergrass' image - Carefree, fun-loving lads with Gaz's monkey boy chops and furry sideburns helping their cartoon appeal. (Steve Spielberg was once in talks with the band to star in their own Monkees style TV series and Gaz turned down an offer to star in a Calvin Klein ad).

But the band were keen to downplay the novelty factor and concentrate on the music. Apart from a few live appearances and a single, Going Out, Supergrass kept a low profile in 1996 as they were esconced in the studio creating their second album, In It For The Money.
Released in Spring 1997 the album was a departure from their debut. The energetic buzzsaw punk-pop had been been replaced by the brooding, almost 70's prog rock vibe of Richard III and the rest of the album fed off introspection and neo psychedelia. There were horn flourishes, organ parping and acoustic laments. The only glimpse of the old Supergrass came with the single, Sun Hits The Sky, a soaring, spirit-lifting celebration of good times. Bassist Quinn now looks back on the album as "a dark soup." "It was meant to be a grower," he explains. The album's dark charm ensured the band were still a hit with the critics, even if it didn't sell as well as their debut. In It For The Money suggested Supergrass were looking for a lengthy, album based career.

The glam rock tinged single Pumping On Your Stereo was released in 1999 as a taster for the band's eponymously titled third album which also featured the brooding, soaring Moving. The album received a mixed reception from critics with Gaz Coombes telling Q in 2002: "We let ourselves down a bit with the performance and production but I don't want to take anything away from the album because Moving and Mary are two of my favourite songs."

The band took a rest and made some changes before recoring their next album, Life On Other Planets. "The pantomine act started feeling like a treadmill for a while," explains drummer Goffey. "And we'd spent a long time ignoring eachother because we'd been in eachothers pockets for so long."

Gaz's older brother Rob was recruited as a full time keyboardist although he had been playing with them since 1996. And so after a French holiday the band returned to England to record the album Life On Other Planets. The band's brief lay off reinvigorated them and reminded them that being in the band was essentially, good fun. The album was built around looser, bad mannered pop tunes with futuristic lyrics rooted in science fiction. Never Done Nothing Like That Before had a punk edge while Prophet 15 was named after the 70s synthsizer which set the astral mood for the album while the single Grace bore the trademark Supergrass breezy pop that made you want to sing along unashamedly.

In June 2004 the band release their new Greatest Hits set, Supergrass Is 10: 94-04, featuring two new tracks including new single, Kiss Of Life. The band will also embark on a full UK tour.

Despite 10 years together drummer Goffey says they don't feel like an old band and as long as the trademark feelgood, Supergrass sense of humour prevails, they'll be around for a while to come. "We're only four albums in," he says. "As long as we keep the vibe going, that's the most important thing."

"I don't think we've changed much as people," adds Gaz Coombes. "We're simple people really. As long as I have a clean pair of pants and fags I'm happy!"

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