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stevie wonder kimdir ? stevie wonder biyografi
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stevie wonder

If you think of Stevie Wonder solely as the purveyor of sentimental mush like Ebony & Ivory and I Just Called To Say I Love You then please stop! Wonder is nothing short of a musical genius. He was a child prodigy who changed his name from Steveland Morris to little Stevie Wonder when he was 11-years-old and completely justified the hype the name implied. Punters soon realised that the blind kid in the sunglasses played a mean harmonica and keyboards. By the age of 12 he'd scored his first No.1 hit with Fingertips-Part 2. Without Stevie there'd be no Prince or Michael Jackson. ("Hurrah!" The sound of thousands of relieved youngsters across the US)

Wonder became one of Motown's biggest stars but was never satisfied with just being a cog in a machine. He took full control of his career in 1971 when he left Motown and utilised the newest electronic technology to create his own vision of soul and black progressive rock, producing some of the greatest music of the 70's. The 80's would see him become a respected elder statesman in the black community, spearheading a national holiday in honour of civil rights leader Martin Luther King for whom Wonder wrote, Happy Birthday.

Wonder's heightened awareness of sound helped him create vibrant, colourful, socially relevant music teeming with his sunny, joyous positivity. Ebony and Ivory is still rubbish though...

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