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simon and garfunkel kimdir ? simon and garfunkel biyografi
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simon and garfunkel

Like strawberries and cream, or Elton John and a wig factory, Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel were perfect together. Garfunkel's soaring, choir boy tenor and Simon's sensitive, well crafted songs made them one of the most successful and influential acts of the 60s. They took their cue equally from the agit-folk rock of Bob Dylan and the harmonies of the Everly Brothers, eventually unlocking the door for a flood of soft-voiced singer songwriters. Although we really can't lay the blame for Katie Melua at their door...

Simon and Garfunkel met at high school in New York and in 1957, aged 16, they wrote and recorded Hey Schoolgirl together as rockin' duo Tom and Jerry. The song was very much in the Everly Brothers vein. While continuing to study, Simon continued to write, sometimes with Carole King, and he recorded, variously as Tico and the Triumphs and Jerry Landis (remember The Lone Teen Ranger in 1963? No thought not). Meanwhile Garfunkel released unsuccessful singles as er, Artie Garr. Go Artie!

By the early 60's, Simon had become strongly influenced by the folk revival. In 1964 he visited England, learning songs like Scarborough Fair from such folk stalwarts as Martin Carthy. It was during his stay in England that Simon wrote Homeward Bound, while he was sitting in Widnes railway station feeling homesick!

Upon his return to New York, Columbia signed Simon & Garfunkel, releasing the Tom Wilson produced album, Wednesday Morning 3 A.M. It included restrained versions of folk standards like Dylan's The Times They Are a-Changin' and Simon originals such as The Sound Of Silence. But the album sold poorly and in 1965 Simon returned to England where he recorded a solo acoustic album, The Paul Simon Songbook, which included I Am A Rock and Kathy's Song.

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