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shannon elizabeth kimdir ? shannon elizabeth biyografi
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shannon elizabeth

Real Name : Shannon Elizabeth
Birth Date : 7 September 1973
Birth Place : Houston, Texas, USA
Height : 5' 9"
Education : Waco High School, Waco, Texas
Profession : Actress, model
Claim to fame : Nadia in "American Pie"

After showing the world her assets in American Pie, Shannon decided to take the comedy route once more and starred in Scary Movie and Tomcats.

Shannon Elizabeth is among those few women who really make our blood boil (in a good way). The world is full of beautiful women who are easy on the eyes, but there are only some women who really get a man's adrenaline rushing, and Shannon falls into that category.

Those who saw American Pie know what we are talking about, those who didn't are missing a very funny movie and a very free-spirited Shannon. With the kind of hypnotic powers she has on men, we only expect bigger things from this exotic beauty.

Saying she needs some polishing is an understatement. Shannon surprisingly (especially considering her work overseas and in the tough modeling world) still comes off as not fully matured, with the kind of gee-whiz attitude you'd expect from child actors. She might have to tighten up her public opinions to increase her stature among Hollywood execs as a serious actress.

Shannon Elizabeth seems all natural to us (at least in her Play boy cover and spread), despite claims that her curvaceous body got some help from plastic surgeons. We'll give credit where credit is due: it takes hard work to look the way she does and we know she works out extensively. If only she would let us be her personal trainers.

She's one of those rare women who can look just as good as a cowgirl as she can as an elitist socialite. Away from the movie set, expect a lot of tank tops and tight-fitting pants. You don't hear us complaining.

She says that she likes to watch football and tennis but much prefers to participate than watch. She enjoys playing tennis and volleyball and she also enjoys rollerblading.

Shannon Elizabeth was born on September 7, 1976 in Houston, Texas. She was raised by her parents in Waco, Texas. Shannon is now 5'9' tall. She is a big fan of Prodigy and Garth Brooks, and she's also not afraid to show off her gorgeous body. She is in the August 1999 issue of Playboy magazine with a 10 page photo spread. More on that in days to come.

At age two she started taking ballet, tap and jazz. She loved to sing and dance. In her third grade year they shifted to Waco, Texas, where her relatives already lived. During her senior year she got the opportunity to be in a video for a local band. The producer of the project suggets her that she should be in New York modeling and proceeded to pitch the idea to her parents. That Christmas Shannon and her family ended up going to New York to have some pictures taken and meet with some agencies. By the end of their trip she had an agent. So she began her high-profile international modeling career in New York City upon graduation from high school.

While doing some modeling work in New York (where she lived in the NYU dorms), Shannon also worked in countries such as France, Japan, Hong Kong, and Italy. Although working abroad was an excellent experience, Shannon admits to having been homesick. When she returned to the U.S., she spent a few months in South Beach, Miami before moving to Los Angeles. Ready to pursue an acting career, she hesitated about going to L.A. immediately, recognizing the amount of competition among young budding actresses. When she finally did go to L.A., Shannon signed with the Ford Modeling Agency, figuring that getting some of her pictures done would help her get into acting. She later signed with Elite Model Management.

After landing a national commercial, Shannon Elizabeth launched her acting career in Los Angeles by landing guest starring roles on prime time shows on various major networks. Shannon Elizabeth first garnered attention from critics and audiences alike for her performance as the sexy Czech exchange student in the box office hits "American Pie" and "American Pie 2". She also scored another success with Miramax's teen horror parody "Scary Movie". Currently, Shannon can be seen on That 70s Show where she has a recurring role as Kelso's pregnant girlfriend. She was most recently seen in Kevin Smith's irreverent comedy "Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back", as well as in "Tomcats, Thirteen Ghosts" and an all-star young cast in Wes Craven's "Cursed" with Christina Ricci.

In the past, Shannon has been seen on television as well as in regional theater production. Her role in American Pie, however, is what has established her as an up-and-coming star with an amazing body.

Shannon Elizabeth's - Filmography

Shannon's filmography as Actor

Year Movie Name
2005 The Kid & I
2005 Confessions of an American Bride
2005 Cursed
2005 "Cuts" (TV Series)
2004 Johnson Family Vacation
2004 James Bond 007 : Everything or Nothing (VG) (voice)
2003 Love Actually
2003 The Crooked E : The Unshredded Truth About Enron (TV)
2002 Survivin' the Island (uncredited)
2001 Thir13en Ghosts
2001 Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
2001 American Pie 2
2001 Tomcats
2000 Dish Dogs (V)
2000 Evicted
2000 Scary Movie
1999 American Pie
1999 Dying to Live (TV)
1999 Seamless : Kidz Rule
1998 Blade Squad (TV)
1997 Blast
1997 Jack Frost

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