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sean connery kimdir ? sean connery biyografi
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sean connery

Name: Sean Connery
Religion: Roman Catholic
Height: 6\' 2\'\'
Sign: Virgo
Eye Color: Brown

Sean Connery was born in Edinburgh, Scotland on 25 August, 1930 to Joseph Connery and Euphamia. His father was worked at a rubber factory. His brother, Neil Connery is also a former actor.

Sean Connery has been married twice. In 1962, he was married with the Australian-born actress Diane Cilento and divirced in 1973. Sean Connery was Diane Cilento\'s second husband. In 1975, he married with French-Tunisian artist, Micheline Roquebrune. Jason Connery is Connery\'s son from his first wife. Dashiell Quinn Connery is his grand son.

Though he has been married twice and having two wives, he has number of girlfriends:

Maxine Daniels - singer (mid-1950s)
Carol Sopel -actress (1957)
Julie Hamilton - photographer (1957)
Lana Turner - actress (1958)
Sue Lloyd - actress (1959-60)
Shelley Winters - actress (1960)
Joyce Webber - model (1962)
Lynsey De Paul - musician (mid-1970)
At the age of 16, he want to join the Royal navy so he leaved the school. But in medical rounds, he was discharged. At the age of 20, he placed third in the Mr. Universe competition, which eventually led to his desire to act. The Swedish dancer, Yat Malmgren was his teacher and he taught him dancing for 11 years. Soccer, reading, golf are some of the hobbies of Sean Connery.

Sean Connery is having two tattoos on his right arm. One is an Eagle with a scroll in its beak and says \"Scotland forever\", and other one simply says \"Mum and Dad\". He got these tattoos when he enlisted in the British Navy.

Sean Connery is well known around the world for his role as James Bond. He played a role as James Bond in several movies like Never Say Never Again (1983), Diamonds Are Forever (1971), You Only Live Twice (1967), Thunderball (1965), Goldfinger (1964), From Russia with Love (1963).

Bathroom is Sean Connery\'s favourite room in his House. In his bathroom, he keeps all his awards like Oscar, two BAFTA awards. Sean Connery used his half salary earned from \"Diamonds Are Forever\" to establish a charity to support deprived children in Edinburgh and Scottish Film production.

In 1989, he was voted People magazine\'s \"Sexiest Man Alive\". On December 5, 1999, He received 22nd Annual Kennedy Center Honors for lifetime contribution to arts and culture. In February 2005, he was voted as Best British Actor of all time in a poll for Sky TV.

Name: Sean Connery

Birth Name: Thomas Sean Connery

Birth Date: August 25, 1930

Birth Place: Edinburgh, Scotland

Religion: Roman Catholic

Height: 6\' 2\'\'

Nationality: Scottish

Profession: actor

Sign: Virgo

\"There are seven genuine movie stars in the world today, and Sean Connery is one of them.\"
- Steven Spielberg

Sean Connery worked as Sailor in Royal Navy, bricklayer, bodybuilder, lifeguard, model for art classes, coffin polisher and actor in his whole life. He is well known around the world for his role as James Bond.

For young scots, Sean Connery founded the Scottish International Educational Trust. Sean Connery is very good golf player. In 1996, he won the Lexus Challenge golf tournament with pro Hale Irwin.

Sean Connery is well known around the world for his role as James Bond. In 1962, his first James Bond movie, \"Dr. No\" was released. He appeared as James Bond in seven films during 1962 to 1983. \"From Russia with Love\" and \"Thunderball\" is his two favorite James Bond movies. Sean Connery played not only James bond\'s films but also a wider range of roles in other features like \"Marnie\", \"A Fine Madness\" and \"The Molly Maguires\".

In 1989, People Magazine named him as the \'Sexiest Man Alive\' at the age of 60. Sean Connery received number of awards like the British Academy, BAFTA Award, the Cecil B. DeMille Awards, etc. Sean Connery won 1 Oscar, 2 BAFTAs, 3 Golden Globes awards.

Sean Connery - Quotes

There's nothing wrong with a little anxiety to keep people on their toes. But anybody who's professional has no problems with me.

Love may not make the world go round, but I must admit that it makes the ride worthwhile.

I met my wife through playing golf. She is French and couldn't speak English and I couldn't speak French, so there was little chance of us getting involved in any boring conversations - that's why we got married really quickly.

I like woman. I don't understand them, but I like them.

Laughter kills fear, and without fear there can be no faith. For without fear of the devil there is no need for God."

I am not an Englishman, I was never an Englishman, and I don't ever want to be one. I am a Scotsman! I was a Scotsman and I will always be one.

There is nothing like a challenge to bring out the best in man. Sean Connery quotes

I admit I'm being paid well, but it's no more than I deserve. After all, I've been screwed more times than a hooker.

Perhaps I'm not a good actor, but I would be even worse at doing anything else.

My view is that to get anywhere in life you have to be anti-social, otherwise you'll end up being devoured. I've never been particularly social, anyway, but if I've ever been rude, fifty per cent of it has usually been provoked by other people's attitudes. Though I do admit, like most Celts, I'm moody. It's fine until people try to cheer you up with gems like, 'snap out of it' or 'Come on, now'.

There's one major difference between James Bond and me! He is able to sort out problems!

I have always hated that damn James Bond. I'd like to kill him.

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