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sabrina bryan kimdir ? sabrina bryan biyografi
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sabrina bryan

Sabrina Bryan is an Orange County girl through and through. Born and raised in The OC, Sabrina has been working towards achieving her dreams of becoming a multi-faceted performer. From musical artist, to actress, to dancer and finally to fitness and lifestyle role model, Sabrina is well on her well to making her dreams come true with a capital D.
Sabrina has been performing since she was seven years old. She desperately wanted to be in the movies and begged her parents to let her audition. Her parents were supportive, but wanted to make sure that she could deal with the pressure and registered her in a pageant. Sabrina wowed the audience and proved to her parents that she had the right stuff.

After that, there was no stopping Sabrina. She excelled in all sorts of dance, like hip-hop, ballet and tap. She also took vocal and acting lessons whenever she could. All of Sabrinas hard work paid off when she was cast in the TV movie MRS. SANTA CLAUS with Angela Lansbury. She had a blast singing and dancing and being in front of the cameras. Sabrina says, Rob Marshall (Director of the movie CHICAGO) was the choreographer, and he brought all of his Broadway choreography experience and taught me the discipline it takes to be the very best dancer I could be.

Sabrina has always had to balance school with her career and school was always the most important thing in her life. Shes always made sure that she had a full life at school, in addition to studying hard, Sabrina was on Song Team and played soccer.

Sabrinas life completely changed when she was cast as Dorinda in the Disney Channel movie, THE CHEETAH GIRLS. When they told me I had the part, I screamed so loud and immediately had to call my parents and tell them my amazing news! While filming the movie, Sabrina became fast friends with the other Cheetahs, Adrienne, Kiely and Raven. They had slumber parties and helped each other with lines, choreography and practiced the songs together. When the movie and album became massive hits, the Cheetahs became instantly recognizable. They love performing together and plans are in the works for a sequel to the movie and more albums. So, the Cheetahs will be performing for their fans for years to come.

Sabrinas newest project is the fitness-dance DVD called BYOU, which you can look for in stores in early 2006. BYOU was created so girls could have fun learning cool, hip dance moves and get fit at the same time. The soundtrack features three tracks from Sabrina, including Byou, Just Getting Started, and a totally funky remix of Byou. Sabrina is so excited about this DVD and soundtrack and cant wait to get out and tell everyone about Byou. I am a Co-Producer of Byou and its been so cool to have everyone listen to my opinions and take them seriously. This experience has opened a whole world to me. I am so proud to tell kids about how to get healthy and have fun at the same time.

Recording solo songs for BYOU gave Sabrina the taste for doing more solo work. She is currently writing and recording songs for a debut solo album and they are sure to be rockin. These songs Im working on are letting me show all my colors. Im not just one kind of person. Im serious, then Im fun, then I spend time hanging with friends and then I work on my dancing. There so many sides to me its not even funny.

Sabrina wants to be the next big thing to come out of The OC and she wont stop until she is!

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