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Ronaldo de Assis Moreira is called as Ronaldinho means little Ronaldo to distinguish him from the Brazils great soccer player Ronaldo. Ronaldinho is best known football player in the world commonly known as Ronaldinho Gaucho because of his citizenship in the Rio Grande do Sul region of Brazil.

He was born on March 21, 1990 in the southern city of Porto Alegre. Like most of the other Brazilian soccer player he is also from a poor family. Ronaldinho's father Joao da Silva Moreira was a welder or guardian of the Gremio soccer stadium. But he loved sport and played in an amateur club when he wasn't working.

"I still have a video of my father, which I watch before every game I play for Brazil. It gives me strength, makes me determined."

Ronaldinho's elder brother Roberto was also a rising star in the Gremio club. His father realizes that Ronaldinho is also interested in playing football they saw a true champion in Ronaldinho.

From the childhood Ronaldinho started playing futsal and beach football at Brazil. He developed his skills and became a standardized football player. At the age of 13 he made 23 goals against local team and came in front of the people through the media.

He gained the popularity in his childhood only particularly he became a prolific goal-scorer at the under-17 world championship in Egypt. From that Ronaldinho's professional career begins he joined Gremio and played for them for four years from 1998-2001.

On June 26 1999, he made his first international goal against Venezuela and win the Copa America at Brazilian national debut. Up to that date he won 34 caps scoring 13 goals for Brazil. In 2001 he signed a contract for 5 year with PSG and started playing from the beginning of the season.

Brazil win the World Cup in 2002 with the help of Ronaldinho in which he scored 35 meter lob against England in the quarter finals. In 2003 he decided to leave the PSG and failed to qualify for European cups. On 19th July Barcelona invited him to join them for 27 million Euro rejecting Manchester United.

Ronaldinho lead them at the second place during 03/04 seasons in the Spanish first division. With the help of Samuel Eto'o, Deco, Henrik Larsson and Ludovic Giuly they led Barca to win the season 04/05 of Spanish first division. On December 20 2004, he named as best FIFA world player over Shevchenko and Henry.

Nicknames: Ronaldinho, Ronaldinho Gaucho
Birth Date: 21 March 1980

Birth Place: Porto Alegre, Brazil

Height: 181cm

Weight: 76-80Kg

Nationality: Brazilian

Position: Midfielder

Profession: Football or Soccer Player

Current Club: F.C. Barcelona. Spain -la Liga Primera Division.

Ronaldinho sometimes called as Ronaldino Gaucho stated his career in football with Gremio de Porto Alegre. His talent brought him in the international football world. He spent his four seasons from 1997 to 2001 at there. He began to claim a place in the Brazilian international side. In 1999 scoring the six goals he won the Copa America against Venezuela.

In 2001 Ronaldinho he played for European football team and signed a five year contract with French league outfit Paris Saint-Germain (PSG). His debut was delayed because of the financial matter between the two clubs. He was not successful with PSG as he was hoping and he continued his career with the international team and won a World Cup Winners medal at Japan-Korea Championship in 2002.

In the summer of 2003 Ronaldinho rejected Manchester United and join Spanish side Barcelona for 27 million. He played well for Barca and announced as one of the 11 greatest living footballers chosen by Brazil legend Pele. Ronaldinho improved Barcelona at 2nd place by scoring 15 league goals in La Liga.

Ronaldinho signed a new contract with Barcelona turning down Chelsea. Doing this decision he pleased Barcelona fans. On December 20 2004, he named as best FIFA world player over Shevchenko and Henry.

Ronaldinho - Quotes

I am very pleased it has all been resolved. I wanted to stay at the club and they wanted me too, there was never a problem. There were only a few small matters to sort out.

The most important thing for us is to realize that last season is over and this one is completely different. And that if we don't run or battle until the end we won't win anything.

The team played very well and I was delighted to help out with three goals.

They are all excellent players, well-known everywhere and among the best in the world. It is fantastic to have the trust of the Brazilian coach.

I think it is an important award because no one can judge soccer better than the players themselves.

The fact that it is given by people who understand soccer makes the award more valuable and will make the winner happier to receive it.

The whole of this team's very special, they're great players so it's difficult to choose.

I'm pleased firstly because of the win and secondly for helping the team with my goals. It's a good result for the team and we have to keep working.

The boss knows what he's doing.

I never saw myself outside Barca. I only listened to their offer and wasn't interested in what other clubs were doing.

Nothing is won yet. This talk about favorites is something from the past. You have to get there and give it 100 percent and show that you are doing well, winning match by match.

I am very happy in this side and this type of contentment doesn't have a price. I want for nothing here and look forward to staying for many years.

We put on a great show, ... It was our best performance of the competition.

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