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rod stewart

With only a pair of spray-on, leopard-skin pants and an ever-present army of female blonde 'assistants' for company, Rod Stewart came to embody rock 'n' roll glamour. With his greatest commercial successes, the frivolous Hot Legs and D'Ya Think I'm Sexy, Stewart eroded the critical acclaim he had achieved as part of The Faces and as a solo artist in the early '70s with tracks like You Wear It Well and Maggie May. His Hollywood lifestyle was a symbol of all that punk tried to rebel against. Somehow, against all the odds, with his music largely unchanged, Stewart survived the 80s and 90s as an ageing, spandex-trousered, football lovin' rocker to re-emerge in the new millennium with a multi-million selling project, The Great American Songbook - Stewart's take on classic tunes from the likes of Cole Porter and Gershwin. Blondes have more fun indeed, and all the luck...
Roderick David Stewart was born on 10th Jan 1945 in Highgate, N. London to Scottish parents. He considers himself an adopted Scot and remains a passionate Scotland supporter. Stewart first sought a career in football (in 1978 he recorded Ole Ola with Scotland's national football team) as an apprentice with Brentford FC before travelling Europe as a folk singer. In 1963 he returned to London and played harmonica with Jimmy Powell and the Five Dimensions before joining Long John Baldry's Hoochie Coochie Men in 1964 as a second singer. This led to Rod developing his vocal talents and releasing a one-off single for Decca in 1964, Good Morning Little Schoolgirl, before briefly joining Baldry's new outfit, Steampacket. After a dispute with Baldry, Stewart then added a stint with Shotgun Express alongside future Fleetwood Mac stars Peter Green and Mick Fleetwood. Rod's big break came in 1967 when Jeff Beck recruited him as a lead singer. Rod's vocals graced two albums, Truth (1968) and Beck-Ola (1969). While still a member of the Jeff Beck Group, Stewart signed a solo deal with Phonogram, debuting with An Old Raincoat Won't Ever Let You Down in 1970. The album was a minor revelation with Rod rasping his way through a rootsy blueprint of folk, country, blues and R&B. The set helped to establish Rod as one of the finest white soul vocalists around, his appeal a unique combination of whisky-throated abrasiveness and blue eyed crooning on tracks like Dirty Old Town and Handbags and Gladrags. Simultaneously, Rod had joined The Faces (formerly The Small Faces) along with Ron Wood. The pair formed the central writing core of the band as they grew from a laddish club act into stadium headliners.

The split between Stewart's solo career and Faces activity initially had a positive effect. With the Faces Rod perfected a goodtime rock and roll sound while on his own he revealed a more expressive, introspective vocal style. 1971's Every Picture Tells A Story was the most commercially successful of his early albums. As well as the title track and Maggie May it included a sensitive version of Tim Hardin's Reason To Believe. Similarly styled follow-up Never A Dull Moment in 1972 was another hit and featured the hits Angel and You Wear It Well. But the next few years weren't as productive. Tension grew between Stewart and the Faces and Rod%u2019s respective record companies, Warners and Mercury, who fought over his contract. As a result, after a lacklustre live album and 1974's Smiler album, Stewart and the Faces parted company and Stewart signed with Warners.

1975 would be a pivotal year for our Roderick. He released the album, Atlantic Crossing, which featured the anthemic hit, Sailing and sealed his international playboy reputation by wooing actress Britt Ekland. He quit Britain for California and put his 300,000 Windsor mansion up for sale. The huge success of Atlantic Crossing would justify the changes and 1976 follow up, A Night On The Town consolidated his newfound solo stardom with the hits Tonight's The Night and The First Cut Is The Deepest. Stewart now spending most of his time in California, became a regular target for the gossip columns with his hedonistic lifestyle which filtered through to his work on the throwaway hits Hot Legs and Do Ya Think I'm Sexy in 1978. The songs' sexism and disco-lite rhythms did nothing for Rod's critical reputation although albums such as 1978's Blondes Have More Fun, sold in large quantities. Rod continued the creative trough in the 80's with the nevertheless commercially successful hits including Passion (1980), Young Turks (1981) and Baby Jane (1983). After his split with Britt Ekland Rod had married model Alana Stewart whom he subsequently divorced in 1984. He then embarked on a relationship with model Kelly Emberg before they split and Rod married model Rachel Hunter in 1990 (only to split in 1999). 1990 also saw Rod back in the chart with a version of Tom Waits' Downtown Train. The following year was devoted to touring before he scored a hit with another Tom Waits tune, Tom Traubert's Blues.
1993 saw Rod reunited with Ron Wood for the live album, Unplugged And Seated. 1998 saw Rod turn in a decent batch of covers on the album, When We Were The New Boys but 2001 album Human saw Rod move mistakenly into the blingin' R&B arena with a series of slickly produced tunes that were greeted with an overwhelming thumbs down from his army of desperate housewife fans.

Rod's seemingly carefree life was dealt a series of blows in 2001 when a cancerous growth was found on his thyroid. (He later had it successfully removed). Then his eldest son Sean served a three month jail sentence in California for assault. His love life however was still on the up. New girlfriend Penny Lancaster was a 6ft, blonde (natch) former model turned photographer. (The couple are expecting a child in 2006).

Musically, his next project sounded as unlikely as Rod going all 'P.Diddy' on the Human album. It Had To Be You would feature Rod crooning the great American songbook on standards such as It Had To Be You and Everytime We Say Goodbye. Surprisingly, the album, released in 2002, starring Rod in an intimate, jazz-lite musical setting, was a massive success and the follow-up, 2003's As Time Goes By: The Great American Songbook Vol 2, lodged at No.2 on the US charts. In 2004, his third volume in the series, Stardust: The Great American Songbook Vol 3, entered the charts in the US at No.1, giving our former spandex-trousered hero a new cloak of respectability. A fourth volume, Thanks for the Memory was released in 2005 to more commercial success. It may not be the sort of music to make our Roderick leap about and kick footballs in the air but to the world at large it appears that our 60-year-old, gravel-voiced hero and father to six children (with another on the way), is ageing gracefully.

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