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robin williams

Birth Name: Robin McLaurin Williams
Birth Date: July 21, 1952
Birth Place: Chicago, Illinois
Height: 5' 8"
Sun Sign: Cancer
Spouse: Marsha Garces (30 April 1989 - present) (2 children)
Valerie Velardi (1978-1988) (1 child)
Children: Zachary, Zelda, Cody
Education: Claremont Men's College, Claremont, California
College of Marin, Kentfield, California
The Juilliard School, New York
Profession: An American actor, comedian
Fan Mail: C/O Blue Wolf Productions
725 Arizona Ave., Suite 202
Santa Monica, CA 90401

Born on July 21, 1952 in Chicago, Illinois, Robin Williams is a great comedian, and an Academy Award Winner. This talented actor has many awards in his pocket including 1 Oscar, 5 Golden Globes, 2 BAFTAs nominations.

William made his acting debut on television with Garry Marshall's TV series "Happy Days". But William claim to fame with TV series "Mork and Mindy". His film debut was "Popeye" in 1980. William was Oscar-nominated for "Good Morning, Vietnam" (1987), "Dead Poets Society" (1989) and "The Fisher King" (1991). While he finally own the Oscar Award as Best Supporting Actor for "Good Will Hunting" (1997).

In 1992, he has given voice for Genie in the animated film Aladdin. He has also given voice for films "Bicentennial Man" (1999) and "Robots" (2005). Along with comedy roles, Robin has also worked in many dramatic films including "Awakenings", "Dead Poets Society", and "What Dreams May Come". His other well known films include Mrs. Doubtfire (1993), Insomnia (2002), One Hour Photo (2002), and David Duchovny's House of D (2004).

Along with his good friends Billy Crystal and Whoopi Goldberg, Williams had launched HBO's Comic Relief benefit shows. He had recently staged a hugely successful live comedy special for HBO. Robin's upcoming films include The Night Listener (2006), RV (2006), Happy Feet (2006)(voice), Man of the Year (2006), August Rush (2006), Night at the Museum (2006), The Krazees (2006), and License to Wed (2007).

Currently residing in in San Francisco, California along with children and his second wife Marsha Garces Williams (from 30 April 1989 to present). He had also married Valerie Velardi (4 June 1978 - 1988), together having one child.

Robin Williams was born on July 21, 1952 in Chicago, Illinois to Robert and Laurie. His father was a senior executive at Ford in charge of the Midwest area and mother was a New Orleans-born former model. His father is of Welsh, English, German, and Irish descent and mother is of French descent. Although born in Chicago, Illinois, Robbin was raised in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan and Marin County, California.

Robin has attended Claremont Men's College, Claremont, California where majored in Political Science. Later attended College of Marin, Kentfield, California where majored in acting. Also attended The Juilliard School, New York and excelled in Drama. He got first role as guest star in Garry Marshall's TV series "Happy Days". He played a role of alien Mork. People liked the Mork's appearance that led to a hit TV series "Mork and Mindy", which ran from 1978 to 1982. Williams got the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in a Television Series for "Mork and Mindy".

Robin made his film debut in 1980 with Robert Altman's "Popeye". Unfortunately "Popeye" and his next couple of films i.e. "The World According to Garp" (1982) and "Moscow on the Hudson" (1984) are flopped at the box office. Where Williams get a real success with Barry Levinson's "Good Morning, Vietnam" (1987). With this film Robin established his screen identity, earning nomination for Oscar Award. In "Good Morning, Vietnam" Robin played a role of real-life military disc jockey Adrian Cronauer.

Later Williams launched HBO's Comic Relief benefit shows along with his friends Whoopi Goldberg and Billy Crystal. At the same time he was trying to overcome a drug addiction, also divorced and later married to his son's nanny. Williams has given his voice for role Genie in the animated film Aladdin in 1992, also has given his voice for "Bicentennial Man" in 1999 and in 2005 for animated film "Robots".

Robin has also worked in many dramatic films including "Dead Poets Society" (1989), "Awakenings" (1990) and "What Dreams May Come" (1998). For Dead Poets Society Williams earned a Oscar nomination as Best Actor while earned a Golde Globe Award. In this film he played a role as an unorthodox and inspiring English teacher.

His later movies include "The Fisher King" (1991), "Toys" (1992), "Mrs. Doubtfire" (1993), "Jumanji" (1995), "The Birdcage" (1996) and "Flubber" (1997). While for "Mrs. Doubtfire" Williams earned three awards: Golden Globe Award, People's Choice Award and MTV Movie Award.

In 1997, Williams got an Academy Award as Best Supporting Actor for his film "Good Will Hunting" where he played a role of a psychologist. In early 2000s, Williams was appeared in "Patch Adams" (1998) and "Bicentennial Man" (1999). Later he was appeared with dark comedy roles in "Death to Smoochy", "Insomnia" and "One Hour Photo" which was psychological thriller.

William had recently staged a hugely successful live comedy special for HBO. After giving 25 years of full entertainment, William is now residing in San Francisco, California with his second wife and three children.

Robin Williams - Filmography
Robin Williams's filmography as Actor

Movie Name Year
The Krazees 2006
Mrs. Doubtfire 2 2006
August Rush 2006
Happy Feet 2006
R.V. 2006
The Night Listener 2006
The Aristocrats 2005
The Big White 2005
House of D 2005
Robots 2005
Noel 2004
The Final Cut 2004
One Hour Photo 2002
Insomnia 2002
Death to Smoochy 2002
Artificial Intelligence: AI 2001
Bicentennial Man 1999
Jakob the Liar 1999
Patch Adams 1998
What Dreams May Come 1998
Aladdin's Math Quest 1998
Deconstructing Harry 1997
Good Will Hunting 1997
Flubber 1997
Fathers' Day 1997
Great Minds Think for Themselves 1997
Hamlet 1996
The Secret Agent 1996
Jack 1996
The Birdcage 1996
Jumanji 1995
To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar 1995
Aladdin on Ice 1995
In Search of Dr. Seuss 1994
Nine Months 1995
Being Human 1994
Mrs. Doubtfire 1993
Toys 1992
Aladdin 1992
From Time to Time 1992
FernGully: The Last Rainforest 1992
Shakes the Clown 1992
Hook 1991
The Fisher King 1991
Dead Again 1991
Awakenings 1990
Cadillac Man 1990
Jonathan Winters on the Ledge 1989
Dead Poets Society 1989
The Adventures of Baron Munchausen 1989
Portrait of a White Marriage 1988
Rabbit Ears: Pecos Bill 1988
Good Morning, Vietnam 1987
Robin Williams Live 1986
Seize the Day 1986
Club Paradise 1986
The Best of Times 1985
Moscow on the Hudson 1984
The Survivors 1983
The Mork & Mindy/Laverne & Shirley with the Fonz Show 1982
An Evening With Robin Williams 1982
The Tale of the Frog Prince 1982
The World According to Garp 1982
Can I Do It...Til I Need Glasses 1980
Andy Kaufman Plays Carnegie Hall 1980
Popeye 1980
Mork & Mindy 1978
Laugh-In 1977

Robin Williams - Quotes
"God gave men both a penis and a brain, but unfortunately not enough blood supply to run both at the same time."

"Carpe per diem - seize the check."

"Never pick a fight with an ugly person, they've got nothing to lose."

"Cocaine is God's way of saying you're making too much money."

"We Americans, we're a simple people . . . but piss us off, and we'll bomb your cities."

"If it's the Psychic Network why do they need a phone number?"

"Reality is just a crutch for people who can't cope with drugs."

"Spring is nature's way of saying, "Let's party!"

"The only people flying to Europe will be terrorists, so it will be, "Will you be sitting in armed or unarmed?"

"The Russians love Brooke Shields because her eyebrows remind them of Leonid Brezhnev."

"We had gay burglars the other night. They broke in and rearranged the furniture."

"We have a president for whom English is a second language. He's like 'We have to get rid of dictators,' but he's pretty much one himself."

"When the media ask George W. Bush a question, he answers, 'Can I use a lifeline'? "

"You'll notice that Nancy Reagan never drinks water when Ronnie speaks."

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