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Without a hint of hairy, macho, breast- beating or leather trousered, theatrical pomp, REM rose through the %u201880s to become a major stadium rock act while sounding nothing like one. They were the standard bearers for alternative US rock and with the exception of U2, were the most popular rock band of the '80s and early nineties with fans and critics alike. REM marked the point where underground rock became palatable to truck drivers, farmers and the ordinary working man.

The original lineup of Bill Berry (drums), Peter Buck (guitar), Mike Mills (bass) and Michael Stipe (vocals) formed at college in their hometown of Athens, Georgia just to play a few parties. However frat parties and 'wedgies' soon gave way to professionalism when they were signed to the small Hib-Tone label for the release of their first single, Radio Free Europe in 1981. The single perfectly captures the early REM style - Stipe's murmured vocals, beguiling lyrics, soaring melody and jangly guitar gave the band the air of mystery that was vital to their credibility. The band soon caught the eye of IRS label boss Miles Copeland (brother of Stuart 'Police' Copeland) and he signed them for the release of 1982 mini-album Chronic Town and then their first album proper, Murmur in 1983. The album was released to critical raves and was a distillation of the REM sound, from the lilting We Walk to the sinister Moral Kiosk. With Stipe's impenetrable lyrics and melodic melancholy, the album immediately gave the group a compelling air of mystique.

1984's Reckoning album was slightly more accessible with a more polished sound to the production of songs like So Central Rain and Don't Go Back To Rockville. The band took a left turn for their next project, deciding to record Fables Of The Reconstruction in London with veteran folk producer Joe Boyd. With songs like Old Man Kensey the album, which examined the legend of the deep South, was strange, haunting, slightly oblique and one REM fans would leave off their all-time favourite lists.

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