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ray liotta kimdir ? ray liotta biyografi
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ray liotta

Born: 18 December 1955
Where: Newark, New Jersey, USA
Awards: 1 Golden Globe nomination
Height: 6' 00"
Filmography: The Complete List

Some guys get all the luck. Where the likes of Cage and DiCaprio hit big early in their career, and get to broaden their scope and image in a wide variety of roles, for most the path to creative freedom is infinitely harder. Take Ray Liotta. A TV soap star in his early twenties, he then struggled for years to break through into movies. And when he did, he immediately found himself typecast as a loveable charmer prone to extended bouts of violent psychosis. That he fought so hard against that typecasting, reaching his most prolific (and varied) period in his mid-forties, is testament to the man's genuine class.

Ray was born on the 18th of December, 1955, in Newark, New Jersey. His parents, unmarried, had just had an unplanned child and, though poor, had decided to keep it. Looking after Ray, though, was going to be too hard, so they put him up for adoption and, at 6 months old, he was introduced to his new parents, Alfred and Mary Liotta (they'd later adopt a sister for him - Linda). From here on, Ray lived a comfortable life in Union, New Jersey, attending High School there. Not much of an academic, he was a major jock, starring at soccer and basketball. He'd also help out in one of his dad's chain of automotive stores, would canvass, along with his parents, for the local Democrats, and enjoyed many exotic family holidays - to Japan, Hawaii and Europe.

Bu biyografi (ray liotta) 1988 kez okundu.

Biyografi: ray liotta Hayat-yaam hakknda bilgi veriyor.

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