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rachel weisz kimdir ? rachel weisz biyografi
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rachel weisz

Birth Name
Rachel Weisz
Date of birth (location)
7 March 1971
London, England, UK


A British actress whose name and dark looks effortlessly conjure up associations with Eastern European exoticism, Rachel Weisz first earned the attention of an international audience with her role in Bernardo Bertolucci's "Stealing Beauty" (1996). The daughter of a Jewish Hungarian inventor and an Austrian psychoanalyst (both sides of the family fled Fascist Europe during the 1930s), Weisz was born in London on March 3, 1971. Much of her adolescence was spent modeling, and after attending Cambridge to study English, she broke into acting, earning praise for her performance, with a role in Sean Matthias' West End revival of Noel Coward's "Design for Living" - alongside Rupert Everett.

Rachel Weisz caught the attention of her fellow Brits when she co-starred with Ewan McGregor in the BBC miniseries "Scarlet and Black" (1993). In 1996, she made the move to the big screen in two very different films: in Bernardo Bertolucci's "Stealing Beauty", and in Andrew Davis' "Chain Reaction". In the former, she was the spoiled daughter of a painter involved with a married lawyer who enjoyed nude sunbathing while in the latter she was a scientist teamed with Keanu Reeves in an effort to save the world. Weisz (complete with a flawless American accent) offered an incisive cameo as a bohemian Jewish girl who entrances Ben Affleck in "Going All the Way" (1997). She had her first real leading role and earned particular critical praise as a servant who becomes involved with a shipwrecked sailor in Beeban Kidron's period drama "Swept From the Sea" (also 1997).

After a return to the stage in which she undertook the role of mentally unstable Catherine in Tennessee Williams' "Suddenly, Last Summer", Weisz starred as a clumsy librarian opposite Brendan Fraser's adventurer in "The Mummy" (1999). Her next two high profile roles cast her opposite the Fiennes brothers in separated movies. With Ralph Fiennes, she played an adulterous wife involved with her dashing brother-in-law in the epic "Sunshine" (1999) while with Joseph Fiennes, she essayed a German-speaking Russian soldier fighting to save Stalingrad in the WWII drama "Enemy at the Gates" (2001). Weisz was also seen as an abused woman who joins with another victim of violence to extract revenge in "Beautiful Creatures" and reprised her role as the spunky book lover in "The Mummy Returns" (both 2001).

That same year found the starlet gaining positive notice for her role in director Neil LaBute's biting stage drama "The Shape of Things". Cast as a young art student whose latest "piece" is a strikingly original form of sculpture, Weisz's character would attempt to transform her boyfriend from schlub to stud to suprising effect. When the play was adapted to film in 2001 the team stuck together, with Weisz and co-star Paul Rudd stepping before LaBute's all seeing lens. For her role in the 2003 crime drama "Confidence", Weisz would join a band of talented con artists in a daring bid to take a banker with ties to orgainzed crime for all he's worth. Though the film may not have stuck box office gold, it did prove something of a sleeper and drew generally favorable reviews from critics. "Confidence" would be one of two films that found Weisz cast alongside screen legend in 2003, the other being the courtroom thriller "Runaway Jury". If her last few years had been slightly weighed down in drama, audiences could be assured that things would lighten up considerably when Weisz joined the cast of the Barry Levinson comedy "Envy" (2004).

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