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rachel griffiths kimdir ? rachel griffiths biyografi
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rachel griffiths

Since capturing a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress for her role in "Six Feet Under", Rachel's popularity is sweeping the American contenent. Her sexy vitality and intelligence is displayed in every role she plays and she is one of the most interesting and unpredictable actresses today. Most recently she has been seen on the award winning HBO series "Six Feet Under", playing the role of Brenda, girlfriend to Nate Fisher. Rachel's growing on-screen recognition is most widely attributed to her brilliantly crafted performances, and she is no newcomer to performing arts awards.

A native of Melbourne, Australia, Rachel graduated from Victoria College in 1990, with a Bachelor of Education degree in drama and dance. Born in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia, in 1968, she grew up in Melbourne with her art consultant mother and two older brothers.

Rachel began her career as a member of Woolly Jumpers, a community theatre group. She had her first success as the creator and performer of "Barbie Gets Hip", which played at the 1991 Melbourne International Film Festival. Rachel then burst onto Australian television screens in the lead role of trainee spy, Sarah Foster, in the Australian Broadcasting Company TV series 'Secrets'. Despite her film industry success, Rachel remains closely tied to her Melbourne theatre roots, appearing in numerous productions over the last fewyears for the Melbourne Theatre Company.

Rachel maintains a busy working schedule, and when not on location, lives in Sidney, Australia. Rachel spends her time reading contemporary philosophy and psychology . She enjoys cooking, surfing, and intends to master sailing. Rachel has studied tremendous amounts about architectural theory and the history of architecture, and loves to go around checking out buildings. With her recent travels through the American Southwest, Rachel has found a new love, Mexican and Hispanic cooking.

Rachel stays active in the Melbourne community, where she is a vocal supporter for the Global Charter of Basic Rights. Rachel earned a reputation in Melbourne politics, when she protested the development of a casino in one of Melbourne's neighborhoods. Standing outside of the casino wearing only a loincloth and a banner, she dropped the banner baring her chest to a crowd of enthusiastic onlookers and disgruntled policemen.

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