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public enemy kimdir ? public enemy biyografi
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public enemy

Revolutionary, politicised, focused and confrontational, no one scared white middle class America quite like Public Enemy. Tagged as "the black Sex Pistols", Public Enemy rewrote the rules of hip-hop, extending their influence beyond rap. They were far removed from the slick disco meets block party grooves of forerunners Kurtis Blow and Grandmaster Flash. They built on Run DMC's street-oriented rhymes with jackhammer beats, samples, piercing sirens and Chuck D's in-yer-face, black power rhetoric that addressed social change. And along the way they even made the Benny Hill beret cool again!

The group originated at Adelphi University in Long Island where Chuck D (born Carlton Ridenhour on August 1, 1960) was studying graphic design. He had also been DJ-ing at a student radio station WBAU, run by Bill Sephney, making mix tapes with Hank Shocklee (who would become Public Enemy's co-producer). Together the pair put together hard hitting noise collages. One song called Public Enemy No.1 was heard by Def Jam co-founder and producer Rick Rubin who immediately tried to sign Chuck to his fledgling label. Chuck D was initially reluctant until he had formulated a blueprint for his outfit. After the inimitable Flavour Flav (real name William Drayton) had joined, Chuck started forming the concept of the group. Chuck also recruited Professor Griff (Richard Griffin) as 'Minister Of Information' and DJ Terminator X (Norman Rodgers). Back that up with a military troupe named the S1W%u2019s (Security Of The First World) who carried fake uzi's and a formidable production team (The Bomb Squad) and you had the militant blueprint for Public Enemy.

Public Enemy unleashed their debut album, Yo! Bum Rush The Show in 1987 on Def Jam Records. The music was uncompromising, opening with the drive-by fury of You're Gonna Get Yours. The record combined the 70s funk samples, punishing beats and squally noise collages that would become the band's trademark. Their political campaign was started with the album track, Rightstarter (Message To A Black Man). The album was acclaimed by the hip-hop community but largely ignored by the rock and R&B mainstream.

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