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primal scream kimdir ? primal scream biyografi
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primal scream

Led by Glaswegian frontman Bobby Gillespie, Primal Scream have become of the UK's longest-running maverick, post-punk groups. During some 18 years together they transformed themselves from struggling indie guitar heroes to dance-rock heroes for a dayglo stick waving, baggy trousered generation with their Screamadelica album in 1990. In the process they nearly destroyed themselves by ingesting drugs equivalent in quantity to Columbia's gross national product. But hey, as Gillespie says, the ethos of the band is punk. "It's where it all started. At heart, we're punk rockers," he says.

Gillespie, born on the 22 June, 1964, grew up in Glasgow, the son of a unionised shipyard worker and inherited his father's socialist ideals. At the local Kings Park Secondary school in Glasgow Gillespie met future Creation Records founder Alan McGee and Scream guitarist Robert Young. Sharing a love of football the three began hanging around together, developing a friendship that would survive the next 20 years.

Inspired by the punk revolution of 1977, Gillespie flirted with roles in some local bands until he stumbled across William and Jim Reid at Glasgow's Candy Club. They would eventually become the Jesus and Mary Chain with Gillespie helping out on drums. At the time, 1983, Alan McGee had just set up Creation Records in London with a 1,000 bank loan. A former schoolfriend, Jim Beattie, whom Gillespie had been jamming with, had set up his own band, Primal Scream together with Robert Young. McGee staged their early gigs in London pubs. Gillespie's first gig with the Mary Chain was at the Glasgow Venue on October 11, 1984. Primal Scream made their live debut as a support act with Gillespie playing in both bands.

The first proper Primal Scream material was the single All Fall Down, released on Creation in 1985. Gillespie stayed with the Mary Chain through 1985, touring the US and recording their landmark debut LP, Psychocandy. But with the Mary Chain developing into a major concern, the Reid brothers gave Gillespie an ultimatum.and he left to concentrate on Primal Scream. "I knew there was something developing and that the songs were good," said Gillespie.

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