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pink floyd kimdir ? pink floyd biyografi
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pink floyd

If by some freak of circumstance you've been lost in the pacific jungle for the last 30 years then you won't be aware of the phenomenal success of Pink Floyd's era-defining album, Dark Side Of The Moon. The 1973 release is one of the most successful recordings of all time with global sales of 35m and still rising. It spent an incredible 11 years in the UK Top 100. Rock trainspotters believe that one in every 18 Americans owns a copy and it's been in the Billboard charts for 14 years.

While in their latter days they came to be looked upon as stumbling rock dinosaurs, it was their astounding musical innovation that put them up there as they pioneered a distinct strand of acid-tinged, pop psychedelia under the leadership of their erstwhile, acid-fried leader Syd Barrett. After Syd's departure the band set about reinventing themselves as mysterious and grandiose, astral prog-rockers and took over the world. All in all, the biggest bricks in the wall then...

Pink Floyd were formed in London in 1965 by vocalist and bassist Roger Waters, Nick Mason (drums) and Rick Wright (guitar) who were playing in student rock groups Sigma 6 and the Abdabs. They enlisted Syd Barrett and the group soon became Pink Floyd, the name taken after two old bluesmen, Pink Anderson and Floyd Council. They performed a mixture of R&B and primitve, migraine-inducing electronic light shows. The band soon became leaders in the underground scene, signing to EMI in 1966. The Syd Barrett penned 1967 debut single Arnold Layne, about a transvestite, washing-line thief, amazingly escaped a BBC ban to reach the Top 20. Their follow-up, See Emily Play hit the Top 10 and preceded their classic psychedelic album, Piper At The Gates Of Dawn, the title taken from a chapter in Barrett's favourite book, The Wind In The Willows. (Most of Barrett's songs would feature his themes of troubled childhood.) The acid-fuelled space rock of album track Interstellar Overdrive would indicate the direction the band would take.

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