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Yesod Williams - Drums / Kaleo Wassman - Guitar & Vocals / Bret Bollinger - Bass & Vocals

Enter Kona, Hawaii. Think lush natural landscape, divine inspiration and kids with nothing to do except find the next rage and invent slicker ways to pick up girls. Its all about the ladies, thats what Pepper said in eighth grade at the bus stop imitating rappers of the day to try out their game. Bret (Bass/Vocals) and Kaleos (Guitar/Vocals) musical inspiration began there. And the rest is history.

Rocketed further into their musical dimension by their love of classic Hawaiian icons Gabby Pahinui, Iz and Poncho Man, Bret and Kaleo started strumming, and elevated out of rap to a rock-dance-hall style, playing parties and meeting recognition in their small town. Frustrated by their beats, Pepper was going through drummers like a bottomless pit, remembers Kaleo. The myth around town included a legendary kick-ass- Metallica-esque drummer by the name of Yesod, who gave it up, seduced by the swell on the west shore. Bret and Kaleo set out on a seek-and-destroy mission to finalize their punch. Finally, by a seeming act of Providence, the two ran into the legendary Yesod at a party and broke it down in the language of Hawaiian youth, Come back to music, more girls. With a pitch like that, Yesod was in. Add metal to the already rock-dance hall influence infused with their Hawaiian aloha, spirit, humor, and ridiculously good looks: you got Pepper.

Playing out around the island, gaining a reputation for indecent live performances and explosive percussion coupled with liquid bass lines, island reggae/edgy guitar, Pepper caught the attention of fans from all corners and particularly Volcom Entertainment.

When you come from a small town, thats basically who you are no matter where you end up in the world, Pepper muses fondly. After packing up all their belongings, jumping off the island and heading to California in search of breaking the music scene, Pepper landed to score dates with established artists (Born Jamericans, Shaggy, Eek-a-Mouse, Burning Spear, Pato Banton, Secret Hate, SX10), were featured on XBOX games/Transworld Surf and Snow games, and played an entire run on the Warped Tour (2001), paying their dues by building the stage and pumping their signature Kona-dub-rock through grueling the heat into the hearts of fans from state to state.

Pepper stepped it up late 2001 hitting the studio for their first professional recording (this time with there dub technition remy derouchmont controlling the space echo's thourgh out the album.), with Steve Kravac (blink-182) producing, Willie Waldman (Sublime, Snoop Dogg) on horns and Ronnie King (Death Row Records) on keys. The result: KONA TOWN. It is edgy, lush, and rockin melodic. It is innovative, heart grabbing, and a good ride. It is Pepper.

Advance Copies available - March 2002.

Seven-song demo - 1997 Pepper Records
The Early Poems of Volcom Entertainment- 1999 Volcom Entertainment (comp)
1999 Summer Sampler- 1999 Volcom Entertainment (comp)
Give n It - 2000 Volcom Entertainment
Santas Stuck in the Chimney - 2000 Volcom Entertainment (comp)
Limited Edition Warped Tour EP 2001 Volcom Ent.
Kona Town - 2002 Volcom Entertainment

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