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pamela anderson kimdir ? pamela anderson biyografi
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pamela anderson

Pamela Denise Anderson was born July 1, 196,7 in Ladysmith, British Columbia, Canada. Shortly after she was born, her parents, a furnace repairman and a waitress, moved to Comox, British Columbia, about 285 miles north of Vancouver. It was there one day in a library that Pamela's modeling career would start. Pamela was sitting listening to a story with a group of other children when a photographer captured a picture of her that won the hearts of all that viewed it. It was quickly copyrighted and placed in all the libraries in British Columbia.

Pamela's teen years weren't anything out of the ordinary, she had braces and she was small chested. She excelled in virtually every sport she played, earning the nick-name "Rubber-Band" for her flexibility. Upon graduating from Highland Secondary School in 1985, her yearbook entry stated that her aspiration in life was "To be a California Beach Bum". Pamela moved to Vancouver when she was 21, to get a taste of the big city and get on with her life. She was working as a fitness instructor when her direction in life changed.

It was the summer of 1989 when close friends of Pamela invited her to go to a Canadian Football League game with them. One of her friends was a representative for Labatt's breweries. A cameraman was roaming the crowd looking for someone to put up on the big screen, when he found Pamela. When he put her bright smiling face up on the screen, the place erupted! Labatt's noticed the response this woman generated, and the fact that she was wearing a Labatt's T- shirt her friend had given her. Labatt's offered Pam a job modeling as the "Blue Girl" for their products, and Pamela's posters were all over walls in bars and restaurants in Canada.

Ken Honey, a freelance photographer, took a few pictures of Pamela and talked her into submitting them to Playboy. Playboy seized the opportunity, and Pamela was off to Los Angeles to do the cover for their October '89 issue. The Playboy spread launched Pamela's career, yielding small parts on various TV shows. Then, in 1991, stared in the role of "Lisa", the "Tool-Time-Girl" on ABC Television's "Home Improvement". David Hasslehoff was a fan of the show and when he saw Pamela in the role of "Lisa", he knew he'd found a new lifeguard for his new series "Baywatch". C.J. Parker, Pamela's character name on Baywatch, was born. Pamela immediately jumped at the opportunity of Baywatch and she says that the character of C.J. and herself are very similar. Pamela's grandfather Herman, a native of Finland taught Pamela to believe in "New Age Thinking", crystals, meditation and dream interpretation. Pamela's character C.J. on Baywatch, portrays many of the same views.

Pamela has starred in several other roles outside of Baywatch, including an uncredited role in the 1992 flop, "The Taking of Beverly Hills". After that, she went on to star as "Felicity" in the thriller "Snapdragon". This one is highly recommended if you're a Pam fanatic. In 1994, she played the part of "Sarah" in the HBO movie "Raw Justice" with David Keith. Mickey Spillane's detective series, "Mike Hammer" came calling later that year and Pamela found herself playing the very beautiful "Velda". In 1995, Pamela played a quirky artist in the TV movie, "The Evolution of Mr. E.", adapted from the H.G. Wells book of the same name.

On New Year's Eve in 1994, Pamela was attending a party in New York, where she met Motley Crue drummer, Tommy Lee. He came right up to her and licked her face! They talked off and on, and after he begged her several times for her phone number, she finally gave in and let him have it. Tommy called Pamela over and over again for the next few weeks trying to arrange a date and in the first week of February 1995, he succeeded, only to be canceled on at the last moment. Pam had been called away to Cancun, Mexico to do a photo shoot for her sun-tan lotion product line.

Tommy determined to win over Pamela at any cost, and followed her to Cancun. After four days of courting and endless parties, the two were married on a beach. Pamela wearing a white bikini and Tommy wearing a set of shorts. After returning to L.A., they had wedding rings tattooed on their fingers inscribed with each others name.

Going against the advice of Nick Stevens, her personal manager, Pamela accepted the role to play futuristic bounty hunter "Barb Wire" for Dark Horse Comics and Gramercy Pictures. He thought it would be a tremendous mistake, but Pamela thought otherwise.

In May 1996, "Barb Wire" opened, with the soundtrack featuring a song Tommy wrote called "Planet Boom". While filming "Barb Wire", Pamela suffered a miscarriage, both Pam and Tommy were devastated. There wasn't really anyone or anything to blame other than the fact that Pamela, being the hard worker that she is, was simply overworked. Stress played it's toll on Pamela, filming Baywatch ten hours in the sun, and then filming some more at the set of "Barb Wire". Pamela has gone on to star in her own series, "V.I.P.", have a baby, have more tattoos, breast augmentations, and has now become one of the most photographed and widely admired women in the World

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