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"Sure I love Liam, but not as much as I love Pot Noodles," said Noel Gallagher in 1996, summing up the essence of brotherly love.

And it's the Gallagher brothers sibling rivalry which lies at the heart of Oasis. Against all reasonable predictions, their professional relationship remains the only constant in the band's 10 year career. Their family spats, walkouts and temper tantrums enthralled and appalled the nation in equal measure in the mid 90's.

Like a genetic splicing of The Sex Pistols and The Beatles, Oasis rose to fame on the back of the surging excitement of Noel's songs, full of hedonistic euphoria and almost football terrace-like choruses, delivered with a perfect rock 'n' roll sneer by Liam. Oasis were perfect for the post-rave era, they made people feel that, like the era of 60's, they were living through special times.

But perhaps Liam sums up the sibling relationship best. "I'm ageless and he's a twat."

The Gallagher brothers grew up in the Manchester suburb of Burnage. Both Liam and Noel were regular truants and no strangers to the local constabulary in their teens. A 13-year-old Noel began taking the guitar seriously after receiving six months' probation for robbing a cornershop. Noel would eventually become a roadie and guitar technician for the Inspiral Carpets, going on tour with them in 1991. When he returned home in 1992 he was informed by younger brother Liam that he'd formed a band called Oasis.

Formerly called Rain, (not be confused with the Liverpool band of the same name) the band consisted of Paul 'Bonehead' Arthurs on guitar, drummer Tony McCaroll and bassist Paul 'Guigsy' McGuigan. Upon watching the band play at Manchester's Boardwalk in 1992, Noel said they were going nowhere unless they installed him as lead guitarist and main songwriter.

In May 1993 the new Oasis lineup drove to Glasgow to support 18 Wheeler at King Tut's Wah Wah Club.They played five songs that were enough to hypnotize watching Creation Records boss Alan McGee who offered them a contract on the spot.

Oasis' debut single, Supersonic was a sneering anthem. Follow up Shakermaker owed a slight debt to the New Seeker's I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing but third single, Live Forever crystallised the band's ability to create life-affirming, chemically induced euphoric highs. The Live Forever single sleeve featured a photo of the house where Noel and Liam's hero John Lennon grew up.
The band released their debut album, Definitely Maybe in September 1994 and it entered the charts at No. 1. The set delivered on the band's early promise, conjuring magic from basic rock 'n' roll ingredients. The songs dreamt of an escape from working class life. "I live my life in the city, but there's no easy way out," drawled Liam on Rock 'n' Roll Star. Cigarettes and Alcohol acknowledged that booze, fags and white powder were routine antidotes to life's dreariness. The album defined an era and established Noel as a major songwriter even though the tunes had this strange familiarity to them and owed more than a passing nod to the songs of Messrs. Lennon & McCartney.

Success spawned more sibling wibble-ry between Noel and Liam and the first casualty of the band's in-fighting was drummer Tony McCarroll. His place was subsequently filled by Alan White. In the spring of 1995 Oasis scored their first No.1 hit with Some Might Say. By this time the band were a headline act, crystallised by the image of Liam standing motionless on stage, head just below the microphone sneering lethargically.

And so the stage was set for one of Oasis' biggest battles. In the summer of 1995 the band released their new single, Roll With It, in the same week that Blur released their single, Country House. There was a massive media hype surrounding the two singles - forget the Bosnian war and Saddam Hussein's reign of terror, this was worthy of major News At Ten coverage. Although Creation boss Alan McGee says he was "bewildered" by the hype it was a story lapped up by the tabloids. In the blue corner: Oasis, hailing from a Manchester housing estate and in the red corner was university educated Blur - Middle class Mockneys from Colchester. Lazy journos said it was like The Beatles V The Stones. But Blur eventually won the race for No.1 with the Daily Mail calling it: "A pop victory that makes it hip to be middle class."

Noel and Liam continued the hostility long after the battle was over with Noel telling one interviewer that he hoped Blur's Damon Albarn and Alex James would die of Aids. Oasis though consoled themselves with the phenomenal success of their next album, What's The Story (Morning Glory), released later that year. It was a rich and assured record with Noel's Beatle-esque melodies in spectacular form - from the acoustic simplicity of Wonderwall to the raucously dense harmonies of No.1 hit Don't Look Back In Anger. With the massive success of the album, Noel and Liam became daily tabloid fodder with their volatile relationship under constant public scrutiny. Their most serious argument to date happened midway through the band's 1996 US tour resulting in Liam flying back to Britain. Noel was forced to cancel the remaining dates. Another day, another fight and the mauling Mancs were back together for the band's record breaking summer shows at Knebworth in August.
The band returned in 1997 with a new single, D'You Know What I Mean, taken from their third album, Be Here Now. It went straight to No. 1 as did the album, which received massive pre-release hype. The album failed to live up to the hype though even though it became one the fastest ever selling albums in the UK. With the bloated title track clocking in at a wearying 11 minutes it was the sound of band with too much time and drugs on their hands. "There was definitely too much coke around," said Noel about the making of the album.

It was business as usual during the band's Australian tour when Liam was arrested for allegedly assaulting a fan. In May 1999 former drummer Tony McCarroll wan an out of court settlement of 500,000 for unpaid royalties although his original claim had been for 18m. Guigsy and Bonehead also bailed out later in August of that year. Bonehead's replacement was ex-Heavy Stereo guitarist Gem Archer while Guigsy's place was taken by ex-Ride and Hurricane #1 leader Andy Bell.

The band's fourth album, Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants, was released in 2000 through their own Big Brother label. The LP was premiered with February's chart toping single, Go Let It Out although the set which included Liam's first stab at songwriting (the maudlin and childlike Little James) raised further questions about Oasis' ability to reproduce the magic of their mid-90's heyday. Noel's turbulent marriage to Meg Mathews (the couple would later divorce) and Liam's relationship with Patsy Kensit (he is now former All Saint Nicole Appleton) kept both brothers in the headlines. On record and live the band were becoming stodgily reliable rather than creative and innovative. Even Liam's wildman rants seemed predictable if always amusing.

Noel took time out to form his own record label, Sour Mash. Retro rockers Proud Mary released their first single on the label although no one noticed. Oasis returned to the top of the UK charts in April 2002 with The Hindu Times, complete with George Harrison influenced Indian guitars and Beatles reverb. (Surprised?) The resulting album, Heathen Chemistry, featuring songwriting contributions from Liam, Bell and Archer, demonstratrf greater democracy in the band. Liam's contribution, the pastoral, acoustic strum of Songbird was a marked improvement on Little James although Noel still had the upper hand with Little By Little and Stop Crying Your Heart Out, destined to be used on any footage of the England footy team crashing out of a tournament on penalties for years to come.

Plans for a new 2004 Oasis album have been scrapped, re-recorded and then scrapped again with Noel insisting on a re-think. The band's appearance at Glastonbury 2004 was greeted with mixed reaction from fans and critics alike and while their popularity remains undiminished there is a feeling that the band have yet to mature and grow into the creatively stimulating rock and roll band that they once promised.
But then again, as Liam might say, "Who gives a F...."

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