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norah jones

Nicknames: Norah Jones

Birth Date: March 30, 1979

Birth Place: New York, USA

Height: 5'5"

Hair: Black

Sign: Aries

Education: University of North Texas in Dallas, Texas

Profession: Actress, Musician

Best Known As: Grammy-winning singer of "Don't Know Why"

I just do the same stuff I always did. I have a bigger apartment - that's the main change....
- Norah Jones

Norah Jones crosses musical borders from jazz to soul to folk-based pop. Norah Jones honey and smoke voice along with her skill as a storyteller urges listeners to hear original and classic songs, as if for the first time. It is rare to see someone as down-to-earth and in touch with reality as Norah Jones storming onto the music scene.

Norah Jones represents the arrival of a new kind of singer: multi-talented, soulful, dedicated, and sincere when she says "I'm doing it for the music." Although Jones is stylistically much closer to Diana Krall than Alicia Keys, Jones has the young, fresh appeal and innate skills that Keys possesses, capable of awing audiences with her voice and piano playing.

Although she doesn't have that Southern Belle look despite growing up in Texas, Norah Jones is quite striking. Being the daughter of legendary musician Ravi, she has an ethnic look mixed with a country style that can blow anyone away. Her face is so pure and natural that if you're not captivated by her music, her intense eyes and defined features are sure to grab your attention.

Norah Jones was born in New York City on 30th March 1979. Daughter of great musician Ravishankar and Sue. At the age of four Norah Jones and her mother relocated to the Dallas suburb of Grapevine, Texas. Since her childhood Norah shows her interest in music. At the age of 5 Norah began singing in church choirs.

At 15 Norah get explored to jazz while attending Dallas Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts. During high school, Norah Jones won the Down Beat Student Music Awards for Best Jazz Vocalist and Best Original Composition in 1996, and earned a second Best Jazz Vocalist award in 1997. Norah played her first gig on her 16th birthday, an open-mic night at a local coffeehouse, where she performed a version of I'll Be Seeing You that she'd learned from Etta James treatment of this Billie Holiday favorite.

Putting her vocal talents on the back burner, Jones worked toward earning a degree in jazz piano at the University of North Texas for two years before accepting a friend's offer of a summer sublet in Greenwich Village during the summer of 1999. Jones appeared regularly with the trip-hop-electronica band Wax Poetic and assembled her own group around songwriters Jesse Harris (guitar) and Lee Alexander (bass), with Dan Rieser on drums

Jones performed quite frequently with guitarist Charlie Hunter in 2001 and appeared on Outkast's Speakerboxxx/The Love Below album in a duet with Andr 3000 in 2003. In early 2002, she released a debut album, Come Away With Me, mellow, acoustic pop with soul and country. It hit #1 on Billboard 200, with single "Don't Know Why" hitting #1 on Top 40 Adult Recurrents in 2003.

Norah Jones walked away from the Grammy Awards of 2003 with eight awards. By receiving Record of the Year, Album of the Year, Song of the Year, and Best New Artist honors all in 2003, Jones was the first artist to sweep the "Big Four", or the four most prestigious Grammy awards, since Christopher Cross did so in the Grammy Awards of 1981. It should be noted that the Song of the Year award went to Jesse Harris for writing "Don't Know Why", but because Jones performed the song, she is associated with winning Song of the Year as well. Of the eight awards that came from "Come Away With Me" at the 2003 Grammy Awards, Jones personally received five awards with the other three awards attributed to the album itself.

Norah Jones - Filmography
Norah Jones's filmography as Actor

Year Movie Name
2005 The 47th Annual Grammy Awards (TV)
2005 Tsunami Aid: A Concert of Hope (TV)
2004 The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement
2004 Norah Jones and the Handsome Band: Live in 2004
2004 Sesame Street Presents: The Street We Live On (TV)
2004 Genius: A Night for Ray Charles (TV)
2004 The 46th Annual Grammy Awards (TV)
2003 American Wedding
2003 Norah Jones: Live in New Orleans (V)
2003 Love Actually
2003 Alex And Emma
2003 The 9th Annual Walk of Fame Honoring Aretha Franklin (TV)
2003 100% NYC: Tribeca Film Festival (TV)
2003 Willie Nelson and Friends: Live and Kickin' (TV)
2003 The 45th Annual Grammy Awards (TV)
2003 Brit Awards 2003 (TV)
2002 Two Weeks Notice
2002 Maid in Manhattan
2002 VH1 Big in 2002 Awards (TV)
2002 Live from Bonnaroo Music Festival 2002 (TV)
2002 Elvis Lives (TV)

Norah Jones - Discography

Discography : Albums

2004 : Feels Like Home [Japan Bonus Track]
2004 : Feels Like Home [CD and DVD]
2004 : Feels Like Home
2004 : Come Away With Me [Bonus CD]
2003 : Come Away With Me [Japan Bonus Tracks]
2003 : Come Away With Me [Canada Bonus DVD]
2003 : Come Away With Me [Bonus Tracks]
2002 : Come Away With Me [Import]
2002 : Come Away With Me
2001 : First Sessions
Discography : Compilations

2003 : Maximum Norah Jones
Discography : Singles

2005 : Sleepless Nights/Those Sweet Words
2004 : What Am I to You? [Canada CD]
2004 : Sunrise
2003 : Turn Me On/Crazy
2003 : Turn Me On
2003 : Don't Know Why [Australia CD]
2002 : Feelin' the Same Way
2002 : Don't Know Why [UK CD]
2002 : Come Away With Me [CD Single #2]
2002 : Come Away With Me [CD Single #1]
Discography : Videos

2004 : Live in 2004
2003 : Live In New Orleans

Norah Jones - Quotes

A lot of pop people out there are cool, but they overdo it.

I don't try to sound like anyone but me anymore. If something is out of my element, I try to avoid it.

I just do the same stuff I always did. I have a bigger apartment - that's the main change.

I'm not melancholy; I'm a happy-go-lucky person, kind of silly. I like funny things. I have a lot of energy. I tend to like music that's mellow, though.

In college I had a weekend gig at a restaurant, a solo thing that was the best practice I could have ever had. That's where I learned to coordinate my singing and my piano playing.

That's been the coolest thing about all this - I get to meet people that I worship!

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