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nikki cox kimdir ? nikki cox biyografi
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nikki cox

Nikki was born June 2, 1978, in Los Angeles, California. At the young age four, she was discovered by a prominent dance agent while taking dance classes, and soon after she appeared on the comedy film "Mac and Me". Nikki is the sweet, funny, talented, sexy vixen on UPN's Unhappily Ever After, and the resident babe on The Drew Carey Show and Norm.

At the age of 10, Nikki won her first television role as a guest star on the comedy Mama's Family. She was a series regular on Someone Like Me and had recurring roles on the series Baywatch, Pearl, California Dreams and the daytime drama General Hospital. She was also featured on the comedy series Sister, Sister, The Nanny, Blossom, Murphy Brown and Night Court.

Nikki's early success and talent led her to various roles in popular music videos including Michael Jackson's "Moonwalker". This transpired to performances with Los Angeles Music Center Ballet Tour; The Joffrey Ballet; Paula Abdul's video "Forever Your Girl"; "The MTV Awards".

Nikki's big break came about in 1995, when she was cast as Tiffany Malloy in Unhappily Ever After. While getting noticed in the sitcom, soap opera viewers got a taste of Nikki as the long lost sister of Jagger Cates on General Hospital.

Nikki recently joined the slew of WB babes, such as Katherine Heigl, Katie Holmes, Keri Russell, and Sarah Michelle Gellar, being cast in her own television show on the coveted network. On "Nikki", the actress stars as a Vegas showgirl, which gives her the opportunity to indulge in both of her passions, singing and dancing.

Nikki's television movie credits include "The Ryan White Story" and "Danger Island". Additionally, she has starred in feature films include "Terminator 2: Judgment Day", "The Glimmer Man" and she appeared in a cameo role in "The Nutty Professor II". This hot star is destined for many more new provocative roles as her career matures

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