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nick stahl kimdir ? nick stahl biyografi
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nick stahl

Birth Name
Nick Stahl
Date of birth (location)
5 December 1979
Harlingen, Texas, USA


This appealing actor began as a child performer and successfully negotiated puberty to become an engaging young adult lead and character player. Texas native Nick Stahl started performing in his hometown of Dallas and found work in local TV commercials and on stage. Spotted by a talent agent, he soon made his primetime acting debut as Robert Urich's son in the CBS thriller "Stranger at My Door" (1991) and went on to appear in "Woman with a Past" (NBC, 1992) before nabbing his first film role when actor-director Mel Gibson cast him as a troubled adolescent who agrees to be tutored by a reclusive, disfigured former teacher in "The Man Without a Face" (1993). Although the finished film bore little resemblance to the original novel, Stahl earned critical praise for his work.

For much of his early teens, Stahl alternated between features and TV, and excelled at playing either sensitive teens or traumatized youths. He was a victim of abuse in both "Incident in a Small Town" (CBS, 1994) and "Blue River" (Fox, 1995) while the feature "Tall Tale: The Adventures of Pecos Bill" (1995) allowed the actor the opportunity to play a more proactive hero, a dreamer who gets to interact with famous figures of myth and legend. In the Southern Gothic "Eye of God" (1997), he was well-cast as a teenager who may have witnessed -- or participated in -- a murder. The rising talent gave a fine supporting performance as a rebellious teen who becomes convinced something is wrong with his peers in the thriller "Disturbing Behavior" (1998). He went on to appear in the ensemble of Terrence Malik's lyrical remake of "The Thin Red Line" (1998) and essay an aspiring musician in the little-seen "Sunset Strip" (2000).

2001 proved to be a banner year for Stahl, who had roles in two acclaimed Sundance-screened independents. In "The Sleepy Time Gal", he portrayed the son of cancer-stricken writer (Jacqueline Bisset) while "In the Bedroom" cast him as the murdered son of a New England couple. Todd McCarthy in his January 25, 2001 review in Daily Variety wrote: "... Frank's departure from the story leaves a major void -- for the viewer as well as for the character's family. This is the greatest compliment that can be paid to young actor Stahl ...". Later that same year, he offered a chilling portrait of a an abusive friend and sexual predator in the based-on-fact "Bully". Although director Larry Clark tended to fetishize his young cast, Stahl was particularly memorable as Bobby Kent, once again proving that he was indeed one to watch in the new millennium.

Though to this point Stahl's film roles had consisted of mainly low-budget and independent fare, all of this would change with the release of "Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines" in 2003. Rumored to have taken over the role of John Conner following original star Edward Furlong's much publicized bout with drug abuse, Stahl eagerly stepped up to the role. The summer of 2003 also found Stahl gearing up for the premiere of his the new HBO series Carnivle.

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