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nick drake kimdir ? nick drake biyografi
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nick drake

Singer songwriter Nick Drake's painful sensitivity makes Morrissey seem like a marauding Hun. Not only was Drake's wistful, acoustic music infused by a melancholic resonance but he was crippled by shyness his whole life which made him largely unable to promote his music. The quintessential cult artist, Drake's music has gradually built a steady following since his death at the tender age of 26 in 1974. REM guitarist Peter Buck and artists as diverse as Paul Weller, Lucinda Williams and Elton John have been admirers of his work.

Nick Drake was born in Burma on 19 June, 1948. He moved to Britain in the mid 50's, first to Tamworth-in-Ardon near Birmingham and then to Stratford. He was already a budding singer-songwriter by the time he reached Cambridge University. He was discovered playing a gig by Fairport Covnention's Ashley Hutchings who in turn introduced him to the band's producer Joe Boyd who helped him secure a deal with Island Records. A series of demos were then completed before Drake began work on his debut album.

Drake released his debut album, Five Leaves Left in 1969. Although he was just 20 and still a student at Cambridge, the album was a collection of understated, intense, mature songs displaying a melancholic resonance and crystalline guitar playing. Standout track River Man was typical of the album's atmospheric sweep. (Ex-Duran Duran member Stephen Duffy called his band The Lilac Time after a line in the song).

Drake moved to London in 1970 and recorded the classic Bryter Layter with a cast of musicians including Richard Thompson and John Cale. The album boasted a jazzier tinge and saw Nick in a slightly more positive frame of mind. The set contained one of Drake's best known songs, Northern Sky. However the album failed to sell in any great quantity, plunging Drake into depression once again. His friend and producer Joe Boyd also decided to leave for America helping to accentuate Drake's black mood. Due to his shyness, Drake found live performances too difficult and found himself in a spiral of depression.

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