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nevval sevindi

1978/79 Graduates in Anthropology, Ankara University
1977/80 Resident of Tehran, Iran
1982/83 Master work in Classic Archeology and Ancient Greek
1983/87 Ministry of Construction and Settlement, Research Division, Ministerial Consultant
1987 Marketing Director of a private sector computer company
1987/89 World Bank Project
ukurova Regional Development Project
Worked for the Coopers and Lybrand Company
1989/93 Free lance writer
75 essays, articles, travel features and critiwues of novels
1990 Cumhuriyet Newspaper feature film script award
1991 Script writing for multi-vision programs
First book is published
Fatal Effects of Love reflects feminine rights from a different point of views.
1993 Member of FIJET International Travel Writers Union
1993 Active in the establishment of the PIMAPEN CULTURE HOUSE in stanbul,
as a director Creative planning More than 40 discussion panels
And exhibitions, events
Desing and editing of numerous books
Ottoman Tombstones
Caricature book Windows, Tan Oral
Album on old Turkish Cities
Environmental activities and articles
Realization of a project to plant 15.000 trees on the amlca hills in stanbul
Traditional environmental picnic
Entered and received awards for various city and cultural posters in international competitions
1994 Second edition of Fatal Effects of Love
Second book; Two Revolutions Two Country/Turkey Iran
Third book; Urban and Culture
Urban life essays. Planning and anthropology in urbanism.
Design, organisation and on-screen presentation of a tolk show for Channel 2 of Turkish State TV
Annual activities and conferences of the
Womens Works Library and the Information Center
Worked YZYIL News Paper as a writer
1995 Founder and second President of the Turkish-Chinese Art and Friendship Society
Conferences in various places in Turkey
About women rights, urbanism, culture and Middle East Member of council of managers in the W. W. L. And the Information Center
Anthropological Consultant for Caravan Silk Road project that is supported by Kale Seramik
1996 Cable TV station Channel E
Weekly program, under the name of Open Society This is discussion program about politic, social events A lot of conferences as a speaker
Worked as an Anthropologiest Researcer in Sexuality in Turkey project, which is conducted by Istanbul Mlkiyeliler Foundation. Published as a series in Yeni Yzyl Newspaper
Channel E TV programmes continue
1997 She is a founder member of supporting and training of women candidates Society
Silk Road documentary film producter and director
Researches on Alaouite, Cerrahi Sufis
Refah Party Womens and Turkish Culture Iran
She went to Tehran as a reporter for elections and made remarkable written andf oral feature reports.
Traveled all over the world and wrote articles for magazines from China to New Zealand.
Founder member of AnaKltr Cooperative of Art and Training for women (Mother Culture)
Published two new books; The Minutes with Fethullah Glen in New York
Bestseller of 1997 (50.000 printed)
A Path to Love and Culture
Worked as a lecturer on anthropology and urban planning, Marmara University
1998 First Anchor woman at Samanyolu TV
For the first time in Trkiye, won Tolarance award of Journalits and Authers Foundation
New book is published under the name of Love knocks the door always Discussion about 21th century relationship between woman and man.
Program: On Samanyolu Tv Women in the mirror
Argumentary TV Programme A
Several Publications in Pimapen Kltrevi
Tlsmdan Takya English Turkish large size Jewelery book
1999 Two programs on STV;
1) Women in the mirror (stories of women entrepreneurs)
2) Agenda of Democracy (Argumentary TV Programme)
Surveys in South Anatolia
The membership of the Travellers Club of Turkey and honour award
Articles in the Imposible witout women book
2000 Member of council of managers in the Womens Work Library and Information Centre
New magazine under the name of Dialog Avrasia worked as an editor and writer
New book, Women discovered money about entrepreneur women in Turkey
Advisor for 2010 Master Plan of GAP as a social scientiest
2001 Won the prize on TV and Culture branch for G Kuaklar (migration Generations) This documentary is about Turkish imigraters in Europe during 40 years. This programme was prepared by traveling 27.000 kilometers, broadcasted in Turkey, Europe and North America.
Award of 100 Successful Women by Bayrampaa Municipality
Elected as President of Anakltr Assosiation which works in GAP

International Meetings

Tel Aviv Women based development project in GAP

Frankfurt Turkey in 21st Century


ki lke, ki Devrim
Trkiye, ran
Nevval izgen
Say Yaynlar

"ran Devrimi gndelik haber deerinden daha fazla bir anlam tamaktadr. nk zaman donduran ve nemli klan "o gnn" bak asdr. Amacm, yaadm ok ilgin dnemi anlatmak: ah, devrim ve devrim sonras bir yl. Bu son dnem tm Humeyni ynetiminden farkl bir sosyal grnt sunmaktadr. ran Devrimi, bu yzylda Rus ve in devriminden sonra bir toplum tasarm olarak ortaya kan son devrimdir. ran' ve ran'da olanlar anlamak Trkiye iin bir zorunluluktur. Trkiye airet gcne ulamak yerine demokrasiye, agzlln politikas yerine politikalar reten kurumlara ulamay hedeflerse Ortadou'daki ve dnyadaki yerini belirleyebilecek ve bunu bir gce dntrebilecek. Kendi kltrmz tanmak ve "teki" kltrleri anlamaya, bilmeye almak bunun temelidir.

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