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neve campbell kimdir ? neve campbell biyografi
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neve campbell

Birth Name
Neve Adrianne Campbell
Date of birth (location)
3 October 1973
Guelph, Ontario, Canada


Born October 3, 1973, in Guelph, Ontario, Canada, Neve Campbell knew she was meant to be on the stage, but not, as many would assume, as an actor. From the age of six, Campbell trained as a dancer, earning a place with the National Ballet School of Canada when she was just nine years old. However, her ambitions to be a professional dancer were cut short by a series of injuries, leading her to pursue an acting career. Campbell got her first break on the 1992 Canadian television series Catwalk, from which she garnered stateside attention. After a string of minor films, Campbell eventually landed the role of Julia Salinger on the TV series Party of Five (1994).

While the program was being saved from cancellation by a massive base of fan support, Campbell was finding work in film, first in the teenage coven classic The Craft (1996). Next came a lead role in Wes Craven's horror flick Scream (1996), a huge success that would define American teen films for years to come. It was duly followed up the next year by Scream 2, which, like its predecessor, proved to be enormously popular. She was hailed as Best Actress at the Saturn Awards for her work in Scream and received both a Blockbuster Award and MTV Movie Award for Best Actress for the sequel.

In 1998, Campbell appeared in three wildly divergent films, ranging from the small Canadian independent Hair Shirt to 54 to Wild Things, in which Campbell and Denise Richards starred as two high schoolers with morally questionable extracurricular activities. With the concurrent successes of these films and her television work, Campbell has proven herself to be a rare kind of performer, moving effortlessly from television to film and back, without the negative connotations experienced by previous generations of actors.

She is an animal lover and describes herself as having a dry, often offensive sense of humour.

Neve was on People (USA) magazine's '50 Most Beautiful' list in 1998 and 2000 and was voted No.3 in EMPIRE (UK) magazine's 100 sexiest movie stars of 1998.

Neve is her mother's maiden name.

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