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No British popstar will ever match Morrissey's innate sense of Englishness. During the rise of The Smiths in the '80s, while George Michael was clubbing with a perma tan at Club Tropicana and Duran Duran were flying down to Rio, Morrissey was busy turning a generation vegetarian, (Meat Is Murder), promoting celibacy, Oscar Wilde and kitchen sink drama. He was full of spite, self-loathing and was one of rock's most intellectually incisive wordsmiths. Voted the greatest pop star of all time in a 2002 NME Readers Poll, Morrissey, with the help of a few gladioli in his back pocket, may well stand quiff and shoulders above the rest.

Steven Patrick Morrissey was born on 22 May, 1959 in Davyhulme Manchester. As a teenager Morrissey unsuccessfully submitted scripts for Coronation Street and ran a fan club for The New York Dolls. Inspired by punk, he edited fanzines and became a local music reviewer for Record Mirror. He formed The Smiths with guitarist Johnny Marr and bassist Andy Rourke. They were later joined by drummer Mike Joyce. Signing to Rough Trade the group released their debut single, Hand In Glove, in 1983, taken from their eponymously titled debut album. The song was a Top 10 hit and along with follow up singles This Charming Man and What Difference Does It Make, established the band's quirky appeal - A mix of Marr's inventive guitar parts and Morrissey's eloquently gloomy lyrics, all doomed youth and bedsit existentialism.

In 1985 The Smiths reached No. 1 with their Meat is Murder album. In 1986, with Chernobyl causing the threat of nuclear radiation, the band released the Top 10 single Panic with the unusually catchy chorus of "Hang the DJ." In the same year they released the album, The Queen Is Dead, in part a lament for a bygone British era. By now the group were loved by critics and hugely influential on other bands but they remained a cult phenomenon, never achieving the huge mainstream success of their contemporaries like Wham! and Duran Duran.

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