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micheal jackson

With a rousing, "Ow!" and spirited "Shamon!" Michael Jackson moonwalked his way to become the biggest superstar of the '80s. With an electrifying stage presence, the biggest selling album of all time (Thriller - 47m copies worldwide) and a somewhat eccentric private life, Jackson was the quintessential pop star but a troubled one - a larger than life Peter Pan figure, sheltered from real life by the greasepaint and glamour of showbiz.

Michael Joseph Jackson was born on August 29, 1958 in Gary, Indiana, the fifth son of steelworker and strict disciplinarian Joe Jackson. Joe began to organise a group around his sons Jackie, Tito, Jermaine and Marlon in 1962. Michael would join them the following year, aged 4, quickly establishing himself as a dynamic stage performer, mimicking the whirling dervish moves of his hero James Brown. The Jackson 5 signed to Motown in 1968 and released their debut single, I Want You Back in 1969. That song and following singles ABC, The Love You Save and I'll Be There all hit No. 1 in the US in 1970, making the Jackson 5 the first group in pop history to have their first four singles top the charts.

Motown began grooming Jackson for a solo career and in 1972 he had his first solo hit with Ben, a song about a homicidal rat. But Jackson was often given sub standard material by Motown and in 1976 he signed to Epic with his brothers and became The Jacksons. (br>
, It was Jackson's friendship with producer Quincy Jones (the pair met on the set of The Wiz, an all-black remake of The Wizard Of Oz) that would change his career forever. The pair's first collaboration, 1979's Off The Wall was a genre-defying set of disco, funk and lush ballads producing four Top Ten singles, including Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough and Rock With You. It went platinum selling over 7m copies and established Jackson as a star all over again.
But Jackson's next album would surpass anything he had done or would do in the future. The Thriller album eventually went on to a sell a staggering 47m copies worldwide. Thriller was unique with varying styles including rock, funk and ballads and contributions from Eddie Van Halen on Beat It and Paul McCartney on the ballad The Girl Is Mine. Jackson's pioneering use of video also helped to propel the album into the stratosphere. Unbelievably, he was the first black artist to feature on MTV and once the Billie Jean video started airing on the station, Thriller began selling 500,000 copies a week worldwide. The Beat It video featured a rap style update on West Side Story while Thriller was a 17 minute mini horror epic, the first feature film promo of its kind with Michael werewolfing his way through proceedings as a kind of hairier and scarier Fred Astaire.

Jackson sealed his image with an appearance on the television special Motown 25: Yesterday, Today and Forever in 1983 when he performed an electrifying moonwalk routine to Billie Jean. It became his signature together with his vocal hiccups, the single sequinned glove, oh and his pet chimp, Bubbles.

Thriller stayed on the charts for over 2 years and Jackson clogged up his mantelpiece by winning eight Grammys in one night. He signed the largest endorsement deal ever to advertise Pepsi -Cola (he was later burned in an accident while filming the commercial).

In 1984 he reunited his brothers one last time for the Victory album and US tour. The following year he and Lionel Richie co-wrote Wear Are The World - the all-star famine relief effort, USA for Africa. It became one of the fastest selling singles ever.

But fame costs and Jackson's interstellar success and reclusive behaviour had prompted speculation about his private life. Jackson retreated behind the walls of his newly acquired ranch, Neverland in California which he equipped with a funfair and a zoo. Did he sleep in an air chamber to slow the ageing process? Why was his face beginning to change appearance? And hey. Why is he turning white? (Jackson claims he suffers from the skin disorder vitiligo.) But Jackson certainly belied his little boy lost image in business. In 1985 he purchased publishing group ATV Music which held the rights to most of The Beatles songs. The move cost him his friendship with Paul McCartney.

After a long layoff in which he surfaced only to star in Captain Eo, a 3D short film shown only at Disneyland, Jackson returned to the studio to work on the impossible task of following up Thriller. Bad was released to massive public anticipation in 1987. The first single from the album, I Just Can't Stop Loving You, topped the UK charts. The album also spawned the hits Bad, Dirty Diana and Man In The Mirror. The album was well received but deemed a failure saleswise shifting a 'meagre' 8m copies.
After the career glitch that was 1991's Dangerous album which saw Jackson, largely unsuccessfully, trying to update his sound with new jack swing king Teddy Riley, his fortunes took a grimmer downturn in 1993 when he was accused of molesting 13-year-old boy Jordan Chandler who'd become a frequent guest at Neverland. Jackson settled out of court for an estimated 13m and his subsequent marriage to Lisa Marie Presley was seen as a cynical ploy to rehabilitate his image. The marriage broke up 19 months later.

Unsurprisingly, Jackson's sales and public image began to suffer. 1995's HIStory album, a collection of greatest hits and new songs was announced with a 12ft statue of of the newly, self-proclaimed 'King Of Pop' floated on a barge down the Thames. Jackson was increasingly seen as out of touch with reality. He performed at the 1996 BRIT Awards dressed as a Messiah, with children and a rabbi surrounding him worshipfully. In a hilarious episode, Jackson's performance led Pulp lead singer Jarvis Cocker to storm the stage in protest at Jackson's megalomania. Claiming never to have heard of Pulp, it was a rude introduction for Jackson to the work of the bespectacled Sheffield maestro Jarvis.

In late 1996, Jackson married nurse Debbie Rowe. Over the next two years, the couple had two children, son Prince Michael Jackson Jr. and daughter Paris Michael. However, Jackson and Rowe divorced in late 1999. More recently a third child, a son was born to Jackson, Prince Michael II, although he has refused to name the mother.

Invincible, Jackson's first album of brand new material since Dangerous, was released in 2001. Boasting elaborate and expensive production from the likes of Rodney Jerkins, Invincible went double platinum but was considered a critical failure with songs like Butterflies and Rock My World considered a retread of Jackson's previous material. Jackson blamed his record label Sony for poor promotion and in a bizarre attack on the then Sony Music chairman Tommy Mottola, accused him of racism towards the label's black artists.

Jackson's professional life was on the slide and his personal life appeared no healthier. In 2001 he appeared in court to defend himself against a promoter accusing him of cancelling some millennium gigs in the Far East. In the dock Jackson removed his surgical mask to reveal a nose that was practically caving in. A month later the world's media were horrified when Jackson made an appearance on the balcony of his hotel suite dangling his 11-month-old baby Prince Michael over the side. The incident was also filmed for a character assassinating documentary on the star by TV interviewer Martin Bashir who raised questions about the unsuitablity of the singer's 'sleepovers' with young boys at his Neverland ranch.
The documentary was partly responsible for another police investigation into Jackson's alleged sexual behavour with children in November 2003. Los Angeles police raided the star's Neverland ranch after a 12-year-old boy, Gavin Arviso, a cancer sufferer, claimed he had been been sexually abused and given alcohol by Jackson. Jackson was sensationally acquitted of all charges in June 2005 after a lengthy, headline-grabbing trial which saw the singer lose three stone in weight. But his reputation was smeared and his career appeared to be in ruins. A return to his eccentric, bizarre lifestyle was now out of the question. In court it emerged he was 150m in debt with less than 50,000 in his bank account. He was also without a record label. There were rumoured offers to perform in Las Vegas casinos as well as a money spinning reuinion tour with The Jacksons. And even though many commentators felt that the harm done to his superstar status was irrevocable, following his acquittal, sales of Jackson's Number Ones CD rocketed by 300% according to HMV.

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