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mena suvari

Birth Name
Mena Adrienne Suvari
Date of birth (location)
9 February 1979
Newport, Rhode Island, USA


Best known as the object of Kevin Spacey's lust in 1999's celebrated "American Beauty", blonde, sleepy-eyed Mena Suvari would reach stardom with her film roles, but she got her start on television, acting in guest parts on "Boy Meets World" (ABC) and "Minor Adjustments" (UPN) before landing a recurring role as the daughter of a brash police sergeant on ABC's "High Incident" during the 1996-1997 season. More TV work followed, including 1997 appearances on "ER" and "Chicago Hope". That same year, the actress made her film debut with a small role in Gregg Araki's "Nowhere", the final installment in his Los Angeles-set teenage wasteland trilogy.

She followed up with a supporting part in "Snide and Prejudice" (debuted at Cannes 1997), playing Geli, a young girl abused by her uncle Adolf in this odd take on the life of Hitler, set in a mental institution and played out through a schizophrenic man (Angus MacFadyen) who believes he is the notorious leader. Later that year Suvari was featured alongside Morgan Freeman and Ashley Judd in the mystery thriller "Kiss the Girls", adapted from James Patterson's best-selling novel. In 1998, she appeared in "The Slums of Beverly Hills" alongside Natasha Lyonne, who would go on to co-star with the actress in "Live Virgin" and "American Pie" (both 1999).

Suvari became a familiar face to audiences in 1999, with roles in several features. As the suicidal best friend of a girl with telekinetic powers, her early exit from "The Rage: Carrie 2" led to the titular hysteria that brought down a cruel high school in this forgettable revisiting of Brian De Palma's horror classic. (The film also featured Eddie Kaye Thomas, who would meet up with the actress in "American Pie".) Returning to television, she played the rebellious teenaged daughter of Rob Lowe's heroic NTSB investigator in the NBC disaster miniseries "Atomic Train".

Suvari gained additional notice co-starring as Heather, a poised choir girl who wins the heart of amiable jock Oz (Chris Klein) in the summer hit "American Pie". She turned in a memorable performance in the sweetest storyline of this surprisingly pleasant teen sex romp. Touted as a latter-day "Fast Times at Ridgemont High", the admittedly enjoyable film fell somewhat short of that claim, though Suvari's performance revealed a unique screen presence reminiscent of a young Jennifer Jason Leigh. Her promise would continue to be met with a featured role in "American Beauty" as the teenage lust object of Kevin Spacey's regressing middle-aged character. With a look and demeanor that perfectly captured both childlike innocence and adult sensuality, the actress impressed audiences and critics alike as high school cheerleader and seemingly sophisticated seductress Angela, a role that would further prove her ability and seal her fame.

Following the rousing success of "American Pie" and "American Beauty", Suvari had become a hot Hollywood property. Her next role would be opposite "Pie" star Jason Biggs in "Loser" (2000), Amy Heckerling's college-set romantic comedy. Here she examined the attraction between older men and younger women with her role as Dora, an undergraduate with a persistent crush on her professor (Greg Kinnear). Dora bonds over common misery with the titular shy Midwesterner Paul (Biggs) in this charming New York University-set feature. Suvari next joined the ensemble of the black comedy "Sugar and Spice" (2001), playing one of a group of close-knit cheerleaders whose fierce loyalty in the face of adversity leads to some questionable and criminal behavior. In 2003, Suvari fore-went makeup and class when she portrayed a speed addict in the dark comedy "Spun," a film which also co-starred Jason Schwartzman, Mickey Rourke and Brittany Murphy.

Mena married Robert Brinkmann, a cinematographer, on March 18, 2000.

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