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mena suvari

Mena was born February 9, 1979, in Newport, Rhode Island. She is the daughter of a psychiatrist father and a registered nurse mother. Mena was recognized by modeling agencies as something very special at an early age. By the age of 12, Mena was a veteran before the camera and she had signed with the prestigious Wilhelmina Agency.

Mena's early success pointed the way to her future, and by age 17, her family relocated to the West Coast to give her every chance at success. The family moved to Los Angeles and Mena found a career beyond modeling in her acting, with single episode roles on ER, Minor Adjustments and Chicago Hope. Mena continued attending school during this time, and fellow students noticed their less than popular classmate turning up in everything they were watching. Mena graduated from Providence High School in Burbank, California.

Mena's real break through came with her high school portrayal in the big one - "American Pie". Mena was "noticed" for her work in "American Pie" and snapped up for the hugely successful "American Beauty" the same year. People Weekly magazine titled an article about her "All American Girl". Entertainment Weekly magazine declared Mena as the most "patriotic" artist of 2000 by making allusion to her three consecutive movies "American Pie", "American Beauty" and "American Virgin".

For her role in American Beauty the talented young actor netted a British Academy award nomination, and shared Online Film Critics Society and Theatrical Motion Picture ensemble awards. Mena was also named a Vanity Fair Star of Tomorrow, and one of YoungHollywood.com's Most Promising Faces.

Mena's most recent project, "Sugar and Spice", puts her back in high school. This new work critically acclaimed for a range that takes her characters from sweet to vulgar, innocent to criminal, Mena has found her calling in acting. Mena has hopes of a future behind the camera work, directing, writing or producing.

Mena delights the film industry press by being "best dressed" at every gala. She and new husband, cinematographer Robert Brinkman, kept media flurry down with a quiet wedding and a low key announcement.

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