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maniac street preachers kimdir ? maniac street preachers biyografi
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maniac street preachers

Self-proclaimed 'generation terrorists' the Manics subject matter was drawn from prostitution, isolation, the holocaust and the penal system. Easy listening then, it wasn't. As rock iconoclasts their manifesto was explicit. Rock bands should cut down the previous generation, kill their idols and burn out after one album. Mmm... tricky for a band looking to sustain a career and a contradiction the rock press would often raise with the band who questioned their commitment to their iconoclastic intent. When Radio 1 DJ Steve Lamacq suggested as much to guitarist Richie Edwards in an interview in 1991, Edwards proceeded to carves the words 4 Real into his arm with a razor.

The Manics were formed in Blackwood, Caerphilly in Wales in 1988 by James Dean Bradfield (vocals, guitar) and cousin Sean Moore (drums). Former scool friends Nicky Wire (bass) and Richey Edwards (guitar) soon joined to complete the lineup. The band set about recording their self-financed debut single, Suicide Alley. (which featured original guitarist, Flicker) The group really began to draw attention with their New Art Riot EP released in 1990, an impassioned blast of neo-punk which established the band's defiant stance. They sprayed "I am a slut" on their shirts, wore makeup and sprouted situationist slogans - a head on collision between punk and politics. The band's unforgiving stance would earn them a devoted following of fans who identified particularly with the troubled Richey. Heavenly Records released the band's next two singles, Motown Junk and You Love Us - the latter being a two-fingered salute to a music press who saw the band as cartoon punks.

After signing to Sony in late 1991 Stay Beautiful became the Manics' first Top 40 single in July of that year, followed in early 1992 by a re-released You Love Us which reached the Top 20. Now the band's obsessional, devoted fanbase was growing, attracted by the band's sloganeering and their declaration that their debut LP would also be their last, thus affording them no opportunity to sell out. Hell, kids LOVE that stuff!

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