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Dave Elkins - Vocals, Guitar
Jacob Marshall - Drums
Mark Padgett - Bass
Rob Sweitzer - Keyboards
Zach Gehring - Guitar


Mae drummer (and band intellectual) Jacob Marshall attempts to explain, The Study looks at how our senses interact and perceive information and then attempts to translate that information into terms the other senses can comprehend

The Study that Marshall speaks of is - in simpler terms - the moniker for his band Mae, an acronym for Multisensory Aesthetic Experience.

He elaborates, what would music look like if you could see it? What would it feel like and how would it taste? When building this record, Mae wanted to present the concept in as unified a form as possible.

Explanations and five-syllable words aside, one thing is certain amongst the five members of Mae, their new Tooth & Nail release The Everglow basks in the beauty of the quintets solitary vision.

Although The Everglow is Maes sophomore full length, the band feels differently. Their debut effort, 2003s Destination: Beautiful, was more of a studio project than a collective band effort, and after two years of touring and camaraderie, this band is now a completely unified front, says lead vocalist Dave Elkins. These songs and this effort are no less important to any one of us, and seems to really be the first Mae record.

With Destination: Beautiful sales topping over 70,000 copies, and tours with everyone from Simple Plan to Brand New and Something Corporate, more than just Maes musical talent has been growing. With every show, with every interview, every overnight driving shift and every rehearsal back home - we have matured both individually and collectively, says Elkins, adding, so much of what weve learned is evident in the lyrical content of The Everglow.

Proof can be found in the albums infectious first single Suspension. Elkins says, as I wrote the lyrics for Suspension, I compared the pursuit of this band to a relationship in it's infant stage where everything is new being caught in suspension, letting each new moment take over. [That] can sometimes be one of the most beautiful things we experience.

Conceptually speaking, The Everglow digs even deeper. This record is almost like a puzzle because we have so many hidden details that connect the music and the visual artwork, Marshall explains. Our fans tend to appreciate that attention to detail, so we are excited to see people discover those connections for themselves.

Elkins clarifies, the record is a story about love and striving and failure and reward, Elkins concludes, but most importantly it is about being true to yourself, finding your passions, and making them your reason for living, and living fulfilled.

And if that summary isnt explanation enough, its worth noting the concept is beautifully illustrated via the album artwork, an elaborate childrens book of sorts, making The Everglow not only Maes new album, but also an unabridged work of art.

Thanks to motioncitymanic for submitting the biography.

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