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little richard kimdir ? little richard biyografi
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little richard

With eight little words that began with 'awop bop' and ended with 'alop bam boom' Little Richard shaped rock and roll consciousness. His outrageous piano man antics, his electric vocals, his pompadour haircut and flamboyant clothes made him one of rock and roll's most electrifying performers. In a subtle allusion to his sexuality he proclaimed himself, %u201Cthe King and Queen of rock %u2018n%u2019 roll.%u201D Tracks like Tutti Frutti and Long Tall Sally defined the sound of rock and roll. Along with Elvis, Little Richard helped blow the lid off the %u201850s establishing a direct lineage to later superstars such as James Brown, Jimi Hendrix and Prince. Good, and indeed, golly!

Richard Wayne Penniman was born in Macon, Georgia on 25 December, 1932. He was the third of twelve children, He began singing in his local church choir while still a youngster. He soaked up any type of music - blues, country, gospel and vaudeville. He learned to play piano from an equally flamboyant character named Esquerita (who also recorded rock and roll early on for Capitol Records).

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