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lisa snowdon kimdir ? lisa snowdon biyografi
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lisa snowdon

Lisa might not be well known to our North American audience, but overseas she is a huge celebrity. Lisa is known as the alluring model in the Kellogg's Special K commercial, the girl in the red swimsuit. Lisa is one of Great Britain's and the United Kingdom's most famous models, having appeared in a multitude of advertisements and magazine covers. Her biggest claim to fame was an ad for Faberge's "Addiction", a provocatively steamy perfume commercial.

Lisa has appeared in lingerie ads, and catalogs have opened doors for her to broaden her career, she recently landed a role as the host of MTV Select in London. In the United States, Lisa's fame has shot up ever since she starred in a Martini ad at a romantic Spanish location, with none other than George Clooney.

Lisa has modeled for just about every single men's magazine and she was chosen to grace the cover of the 1999 edition of "The Girls of FHM". She has appeared in major fashion magazines such as Vogue, Marie Claire and Cosmopolitan. Lisa is best known for her commercial advertisement work which includes Lynx deodorant, Dove soap, Gossard, Mercedes Benz, Neutrogena, and many others.

Lisa was born in 1974, in Welwyn Garden City, England. The Hertfordshire beauty was a waitress before appearing as a model, by the typical method of chance. She was discovered by a Premier Model Management agent while dancing at a nightclub, and hence, a model was born. Lisa is a graduate of the Italia Conti School of Performing Arts.

Besides modeling and capturing the hearts of men everywhere, Lisa also released her own album, "Spell It Out". Despite a lucrative record deal and a track being featured on the popular Faberge's "Addiction" perfume advertisement, the album flopped. Lisa doesn't need the music scene anyhow, she has a potentially huge modeling and television career up her sleeve.

Lisa's most memorable advertisement must be the martini ad featuring her and George Clooney. Although the ad didn't air on American television, Americans know Lisa as George Clooney's steady girlfriend, and the girl who stole America's most eligible bachelor.

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