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kid rock kimdir ? kid rock biyografi
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kid rock

Real Name: Robert James Ritchie
Birthday: 17.01.1971
Birthplace: Romeo, Michigan, USA
Occupation: Singer
Sign: Capricorn
Death date: N/A
Death reason: N/A

Kid Rock began his libidinous rap/djing career when he was just 15 years old. Raised in what he refers to as a "hick-town," Kid Rock quickly gained a reputation in the nearby Mt. Clemens housing projects, spinning up his rare brand of potty-mouthed raps -- which comprised psychedelic rock, hip-hop, soul, jazz and funk -- for nightly dance parties. In 1998, he signed with Atlantic Records, who released Devil Without a Cause in 1998. The History Of Rock, ...

Born Bob Ritchie in Romeo, Michigan, the man known around the world as Legend has always defied easy labeling. Although his name has often been linked to the inner city Detroit rap scene, he grew up in the overwhelmingly white suburb of Romeo, only venturing into the city as a teenager attending rap concerts and talent shows. In 1998, Legend unleashed his major label debut, the classic Devil Without A Cause. The album - which includes the smash singles "I Am The Bullgod," "Bawitdaba," "Cowboy," and "Only God Knows Why" eventually went on to be Diamond Award certified by the RIAA for more than 10,000,000 copies sold. Since breaking out with Devil Without A Cause Rock has been the recipient of a wide assortment of honors, including multiple Grammy Award nominations, and taking home such trophies as a Billboard Music Video Award and "Favorite Male Pop/Rock" honors from the American Music Awards. In 2000 The History of Rock was released, a specially assembled compilation comprised of previously unreleased recordings such as the Grammy Award-nominated single, "American Bad Ass," as well as remixed and reworked tracks from Legend's long-unavailable early works. The collection made its debut at #2 on the Billboard album chart, en route to triple platinum certification by the RIAA for sales in excess of 3,000,000. His early musical environment was a paradoxical mix of Midwest rock such as Bob Seger and the hip-hop and electro sounds with the eagerly awaited follow-up to his 2001 smash, Cocky. Recorded in Detroit at Legend's Clarkston Chophouse studio, the album includes such larger-than-life arena anthems as "Forever," "What I Learned Out On The Road," "Lonely Road of Faith," and the sensational Top Ten duet with Sheryl Crow, "Picture." The RIAA four time platinum certified Cocky was on the Billboard 200 album chart more than 100 weeks after its release.

Detroit's favorite son took his genre-blurring musical mash to a new plane with his self-titled album. Legend is the most emotionally naked collection-with songs like "Cold and Empty" and the album-opening "Rock n' Roll Pain Train" finding him looking at his life and acknowledging that even an American Bad Ass needs to stop and smell the roses. The album's stunning centerpiece is the epic "I Am," an anthemic statement of purpose in which Rock affirms his freedom as an artist and as an American. Patriotism is invoked all too often in troubled times, but Rock has long put his money where his mouth is, performing for the United States Armed Forces whenever and wherever he has been called to serve, in both peacetime and in war. Legend is packed with a wide load of Rock's trademark good-time raucousness, from the swaggering cover of Bad Company's '70s classic, "Feel Like Makin' Love" (the album's first single), to the self-explanatory "Rock n' Roll," to "Son Of Detroit," Rock's chest-thumping autobiographical adaptation of outlaw country legend David Allen Coe's classic "Son Of The South." Backed by the amazing Twisted Brown Trucker - guitarists Kenny Olson and Jason Krause, keyboardist Jimmie Bones, and drummer Stefanie Eulinberg - Legend also invited a few special guests to sit in. Blues guitar hero Kenny Wayne Shepherd and tenor man David McMurray kick out the jams on "Black Bob," while ZZ Top's one and only Billy Gibbons lends guest vocals to the rowdy "Hillbilly Stomp." With this sonic powerhouse of a record, the Son of Detroit has crafted his bravest, ballsiest collection of a wide-ranging, far-reaching assortment of songs that truly warrant the name Legend. On Legend - recorded at the Allen Roadhouse (north of Detroit, south of Heaven) - Rock is visited by some of his dearest friends and fans, such as Hank Williams Jr., who shares vocals on the outrageously bawdy rave-up, "Cadillac Pussy." A back-to-the-future highlight of the album is "Hard Night For Sarah," penned by Motor City icon Bob Seger. The song - which was recorded for Seger's 1979 classic Against The Wind, but ended up on the cutting room floor - is Rock's way of spreading the word to a new generation about one of his all-time favorite songwriters. Legend closes with a poignant bonus song, "Single Father," co-written with David Allen Coe. The tender track - described by Rock as a "tearjerker" - is brutally honest and powerfully emotional, as Legend expresses profound love for his son while lamenting the difficulties of being a one-man parent.

Legend is loud and proud in his support of the men and women of the United States Military. In January 2001, he donated proceeds from a Norfolk, Virginia concert to the Navy Marine Corp Relief Society, an effort undertaken to aid the families of those crewmembers killed in the terrorist attack on the USS Cole. The concert came about after Rock heard that "American Bad Ass" was played over the loudspeakers of the crippled naval ship just as it pulled out of port to head home. In December of that year, Rock and TBT visited the Ramstein Air Force Base in Germany to perform alongside J-Lo and Ja Rule for a massive U.S.O. show. In June 2003, Rock ventured to Kuwait, Qatar, and Iraq as part of a U.S.O. tour to brighten the spirits of troops serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom. A highlight of the journey occurred as Rock arrived at a military hangar in Baghdad expecting to just sign autographs. When the thousands of troops waiting to meet him started cheering, the Motor City superstar decided to put on an impromptu concert, using instruments on stage designated for a military band. An inveterate road warrior, Legend has earned a reputation for blowing the roofs off of theatres, arenas, and enormodomes on countless cross-country tours, not to mention treks around the globe.

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